15 Best Membership Website Builders: The Ultimate List

Murad Bushnaq

Are you interested in developing an engaging and user-friendly membership website?

Your members need an online hub where they can access your organization’s resources, get exclusive benefits, and feel connected to your community. With an effective website, you’ll see benefits like increased member acquisition and retention, helping your organization establish a reliable revenue stream.

We understand that website development isn’t always the easiest, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy or don’t have any web design experience under your belt. That’s why you need a membership website builder. With the right membership site builder, you’ll be able to design the perfect website that is accessible, engaging, and intuitive for members.

Your site builder can help you address a variety of needs for your organization. Whether you’re offering exclusive content like webinars or a forum, a top membership website builder can help you attract new members and build customer loyalty. But, with so many membership website builders out there, it can feel confusing to find one that’s best suited for your organization.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of a membership website. Then, we’ll walk you through our list of the best membership website builders. Read on to learn more about making your membership website dreams come to life.

We'll give an overview so you understand membership website builder basics.

Membership Website Builder FAQs

What is a Membership Website?

A membership website is home to exclusive content for members. This can be educational resources, forums, networking opportunities, and more. Members use their unique log-in information to access your gated website and explore your community online.

However, your membership website also serves as an advertising platform for new members. Potential members should be able to learn about your membership model and pricing on your site. By creating a positive user-experience for potential members, you’ll have a higher conversion rate of site visitors to members.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Membership Website?

When it comes to investing in the right membership website builder, there’s a lot of flexibility in pricing—from free membership website builders to ones that cost over $10,000.

The price depends on the features you want and the size of your organization. For a more expansive website that needs to handle thousands of member portals, you may need to invest in a higher-priced website builder.

However, don’t feel like you need to break the bank to get a beautiful membership website! There are many website builders that offer a fair pricing and include the features a standard membership website needs.

Membership Website Builders vs. Subscription Website Builders: Which is Best?

A subscription website and membership website may sound the same on the surface. With both types of websites, a customer is paying to have access to the website. However, a subscription website only gives access to a particular good or service. For instance, consider Netflix. Customers pay to access Netflix’s website to watch movies and television shows.

However, a membership website builder will build a website that provides more than just an exchange of goods or services. Members gain exclusive access to resources, but also become part of a larger community with networking and learning opportunities. The website itself is only one piece of the member experience.

What Should I Include in a Membership Website?

Every membership website will vary depending on the organizations’ needs, but there are a few key elements you’ll definitely want to feature:

  • Custom Member Portals. Members need a unique login and way to access their exclusive benefits. Once they login, they should have access to a customized dashboard and a members-only area. Here, they can find educational resources, webinars, and any other VIP features your organization offers.
  • Exclusive Community Forum. A huge benefit of the membership experience is access to a community. Members should have an easy way to contact each other and create conversations. Plus, you can post important updates and reminders for members here.
  • About Us Section. Highlight your organization for prospective members. Be sure to include information about member pricing, levels, policies, and benefits.
  • Membership Application Form. Feature an easy-to-find membership application form on your website for potential members. Keep your form concise and limit your prompts to only the most essential information.
  • Payment Processor. You’ll need a secure and efficient payment processing system that will integrate with your membership management software. This way, members can pay their dues or donate without any issues, and you won’t have to worry about transferring the funds to your organization’s bank account.

How Do I Build a Membership Website?

The first step to building your beautiful website is selecting an membership site builder that has all the features your organization needs. Consider how many members will be using your website and what type of resources and exclusive content you want to make available. Your ideal membership site builder should check all your boxes and fall within your budget.

If you have a membership management system, make sure to select a website builder that integrates with your system. This way, your website builder will already have access to important information like members’ contact information, streamlining the website development process on your end.

Once you’ve selected your membership website builder, you’ll use its intuitive features to create your website. Many website builders use click-and-edit or drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to easily upload your content.

In order to build a beautiful membership website, you'll need to pick a strong platform.

The Best Membership Website Platforms

We've compiled a list of the top website builders for membership organizations. Each member-based organization is unique, so keep in mind the specific features you need to decide which website builder to use.

We’ll look at:

  1. Morweb
  2. WordPress
  3. Drupal
  4. ePly
  5. Blackbaud
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Weebly
  8. WebStarts
  9. Simbla
  10. TemplateToaster
  11. Wild Apricot
  12. Novi AMS
  13. Modern Campus
  14. Squarespace
  15. Wix

With the right membership website builder, you can expand your organization and build strong member relationships. We’ll go over the highlights of each website builder so you can make the best decision for your organization. Let’s get started.

1. The Best Membership Website Builder: Morweb

Morweb is a membership website platform with intuitive design and no coding required.

Overview of Morweb

Morweb is an intuitive content management system (CMS) that helps membership organizations, nonprofits, and schools build beautifully-designed websites. This website builder is great for people with any level of web design experience, especially beginners. With its super easy drag-and-drop elements and front-end editing tools, Morweb makes web design efficient and stress-free—no coding required.

Morweb’s website builder comes with all the essential features a membership website needs to be effective. Leverage key tools like members-only pages, member directories, custom forms, mobile optimization, API integrations for popular association management systems (AMS), and more.

Why Morweb is the Best Membership Website Builder

Morweb is there to support your website development, every step of the way! Its fully customizable templates and convenient tools allow your organization to upload content, edit layouts, and insert stunning visuals in seconds. With Morweb’s Live-Editor, you can simply click and type (or drag and drop) to add in your engaging content. Plus, if you ever need additional help, Morweb offers live chat support, with urgent support available at any time—day or night.

Morweb also prioritizes the user experience on your members’ end. Members can quickly search your website for specific content with Morweb’s robust search tool. This makes navigating your website a breeze, helping to boost member satisfaction (plus, convert site visitors into new members!). Morweb even has its own unique accessibility tool so everyone can engage with your website content without obstacles.

Unlike open-source platforms that allow programmers to access the page’s source code and share it with others, Morweb is a secure CMS that will keep your members’ information private. This way, you won’t have to worry about cybersecurity threats—your only job is to create great content, and Morweb will take care of the rest!

Best Membership Site Software Features

Morweb understands that membership organizations need a specialized website builder tailored to their needs. That’s why we offer a variety of features relevant to your organization like:

  • Private pages and intranet. Morweb helps you create members-only pages with ease so members can access their exclusive content.
  • Event registration and ticketing. Manage sign-ups under one platform rather than directing members to an external event registration website. Users will appreciate this streamlined sign-up process with Morweb’s event tools.
  • Member directory. Morweb offers an intuitive member directory so you can store members’ contact information and keep an up-to-date list of all current members. Members can access this directory to search and connect with others. This helps promote a sense of community and makes networking a breeze.
  • Custom form builders. Your membership organization likely needs a number of forms, from event registration to member applications. Morweb lets you fully customize and embed forms into your website. Plus, all website content on Morweb is mobile-responsive, meaning that the forms will automatically adjust to fit devices of any size.

These essential features streamline the design process on your end and guarantee that members have a positive user experience. By choosing a website builder with member-specific tools, you’ll be able to better engage your members so they’ll stick with your organization for the long run. Morweb recognizes the value of a well-designed membership website and will help your organization build an informative, visually appealing, and accessible digital hub.

Morweb Pricing

Use Morweb's membership website builder to make a beautiful website design.

Morweb offers affordable pricing for every budget. Start using Morweb’s membership website builder with our Starter plan, which is just $99/month. Upgrade to one of Morweb’s other plans to gain access to even more features.

2. The Best Membership Website Builder if You Have Experience with Plugins: WordPress

Overview of WordPress

WordPress is a popular open source membership website builder.

WordPress is one of the oldest and most popular blog platforms on the internet and is used by organizations of all shapes and sizes. While WordPress is not known as a website builder, it has thousands of plugins that make website building possible. It is mostly used by web designers to create everything from membership websites to hobby blogs to news sites.

Because this website builder is used as a resource for so many website creators around the world, there are countless resources online. If you're unsure of how to do something in WordPress, you can type your question into a search engine to find an online forum.

Why WordPress Is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

The universal uses of WordPress make it an appealing platform for a wide variety of membership organizations. WordPress offers various economical plans depending on the features you want on your organization's site. There is a free version to get you started, a premium option that is advertised as best for bloggers, and a business option best for small businesses or associations.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Website themes. WordPress offers thousands of website themes to choose from. Each theme varies in style and functionality; you can check out this list of popular themes for membership-specific websites. Themes specific to membership websites are not the most popular, but there are still a few decent ones out there. You'll most likely need a web designer to customize a standard business theme for your needs.
  • Tons of plugins. Not only do WordPress themes make it easy to create your website, but you also have access to thousands of plugins to continue improving your website’s SEO, visualization, and other elements. These plugins, many of which are free, include top downloadables such as Yoast SEO, Swoop, WooCommerce, and Polylang to further customize your membership website.
  • Integration with Association Management Software (AMS). Due to its popularity, quite a few AMS platforms have built plugins specifically for WordPress.
  • Code view. If you have a background in coding, WordPress makes it easy to flip to the code view and edit HTML elements.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is open-source and free for anyone to use. Website themes and hosting are sold separately. The personal plan begins at $4 per month, which is a great price for organizations with a low budget.

3. The Best Membership Website Builder for Building Custom Apps: Drupal

Drupal is an open source platform that is susceptible to security leaks.

Overview of Drupal

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) with a large community of developers who work together to support each other in building engaging websites. It is the third most popular CMS on the market, behind WordPress and Joomla. This is due to its flexibility and scalability.

Why Drupal is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Drupal is a vast and complex platform with a wide variety of features and design elements for building a membership website. The CMS platform is a great option for enterprise-level organizations that require highly-customized web applications.

While Drupal is a favorite among web developers, the CMS can be challenging for coding newbies. If your membership organization doesn’t have a developer on-hand, you may want to hire an agency or contractor to manage ongoing updates and website maintenance.

Best Membership Site Software Features

Here are just a few features that landed Drupal on our list of best membership website builders:

  • API integration. Drupal makes it easy to integrate your website with third-party applications. The RESTful Web Services API feature supports communication between native mobile iOS/Android apps and a Drupal site.
  • Responsive design. Drupal websites automatically scale to fit the user’s screen size, offering a great user experience on every device.
  • Loading speed. This membership website builder uses a cache feature which allows previously viewed content to load quickly, thus increasing the website load speed.
  • SEO tools. Drupal offers multiple options for SEO in the form of modules. Users can edit URLs and download modules to add meta tags.

Drupal Pricing

Drupal is open-source and free to use. Website themes and hosting are sold separately.

4. The Best Membership Website Builder for Events: ePly

ePly is a membership website builder with several event planning features.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

ePly is a powerful, completely configurable event planning software that can help your organization plan and manage any type of event. While ePly is not primarily marketed as a website builder, this software platform comes fully equipped with the ability to make a custom webpage for your organization’s events.

ePly’s robust event planning tools, coupled with its ability to construct custom web pages and mobile applications, ensure that this software platform is useful for a variety of event hosts, with specific solutions for universities, businesses, and membership organizations.

Why ePly is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

The web building tools provided by ePly take into account the complexities of hosting events and ensure that any organization that uses its event planning software is completely prepared to tackle the task at hand.

Their page-building tools ensure that all members of an organization have access to the same information and can make coordinated decisions. Meanwhile, their mobile app completely streamlines the entire event management process with its unique features.

Best Membership Site Software Features

Building an effective webpage for your organization is no easy feat. ePly, however, knows that organizations like yours rely on successful events and can help you expertly craft a webpage that directs your organization’s members to important information, such as:

  • How to start an event for their own chapter or locality.
  • How to reach out to your organization’s ePly expert for support.
  • Forms pertaining to your particular organization.

But, ePly’s web design expertise doesn’t stop there. The mobile application feature from ePly is completely customizable and branded to your organization—ensuring the app looks like a seamless extension of your organization’s existing web presence. They will create the app to satisfy any of your event planning needs, with tools designed for:

  • Mobile check-in.
  • E-ticketing.
  • Event calendar management.
  • PCI compliant payment processing.

ePly is aware of the obstacles your organization faces as you plan your event. Its webpage and mobile app building technology is designed to exceed your organization’s expectations and guarantee a more efficient event planning experience.

ePly Pricing

ePly costs $500 - $800 per year for a website. Additional event applications for conferences and virtual venues cost up to $26,250 annually.

5. The Best Membership Website Builder for School Communication: Blackbaud

Blackbaud is a membership website platform popular among schools.

Overview of Blackbaud

Blackbaud is a cloud software company with a variety of solutions for nonprofit organizations including financial management, fundraising, marketing, payment services, and learning management.

Blackbaud’s learning management system (LMS) facilitates communication between school administrators, teachers, and students. Although it’s not a traditional membership website builder, this platform makes it easy to manage and engage members of your student body and staff.

The platform offers an array of tools for managing courses, athletic teams, academic advising, and other activities. In turn, your membership website can support the entire student journey and drive exemplary educational outcomes. Hundreds of K-12 private schools and higher education institutions rely on this platform to promote academic excellence, making it a trustworthy choice for your school.

Why Blackbaud is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Blackbaud is an excellent learning management platform because it has integrated data flow from the enrollment management system and a wide range of communication tools for students, teachers, and advisors. Its mobile-friendly communication tools encourage student engagement and collaboration, resulting in a much more engaging learning environment.

Best Membership Site Software Features

Set your students and educators up for success with these great features from Blackbaud’s LMS:

  • Course management. Blackbaud’s course management system enables teachers to manage assignments and assessments from any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Activity pages. With Blackbaud’s platform, teacher and student groups are able to create club pages and forums to share news, events, and announcements.
  • Mobile editor. Editing tools are accessible from every device size, allowing busy teachers and administrators to manage learning activities on the go.
  • Online assessments. With Blackbaud’s assessment features, teachers can create tests and automatically upload grades to the learner portal.

Blackbaud Pricing

Blackbaud’s pricing for its LMS varies between K-12 schools and higher ed. Contact the company for pricing details.

6. The Best Membership Website Builder for Security: GoDaddy

The GoDaddy website builder has several built-in templates.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

GoDaddy’s membership website builder focuses on speedy website development. They advertise that you can create your site in under an hour from their platform.

GoDaddy is a straightforward site builder that is great for small organizations and associations. While their capabilities might be more limited than a more expansive platform, GoDaddy makes it easy to create a hassle-free membership site.

Why GoDaddy is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

GoDaddy offers website templates specifically tailored for membership platforms. Many of these templates are targeted toward museums because they gain the majority of their revenue through their members.

These templates offer features such as the ability to sell tickets, view event calendars, and add an online merchandise store. This intuitive management system creates a positive user experience and helps keep members engaged.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Security backups. If you've ever spent a long time looking for lost or corrupted files, this backup can really save you a lot of time. GoDaddy offers a service to save your website files once a day to the cloud.
  • Website experts. GoDaddy offers your organization the option to hire experts in web design, eCommerce, and logo design. With this platform, you can easily find a designer to help make a top-notch website.

GoDaddy Pricing

GoCentral’s website plans start as low as $9.99 per month for the basic plan and go up to $16.99 per month for the eCommerce plan.

7. The Best Membership Website Builder for eCommerce: Weebly

Weebly is a membership website builder with great eCommerce features.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

Weebly is a website builder that focuses on making attractive websites for professionals, especially those who want eCommerce capabilities. If your membership organization is looking to set up a prominent eCommerce store, Weebly could be the right CMS platform for you.

Why Weebly is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Weebly has one of the most intuitive interfaces for website editing. Using their drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your member organization’s website content to suit your specific needs.

The mobile expertise of Weebly is really what sets it apart from other web platforms. Not only is your website mobile-responsive, but Weebly also makes it easy to work on your site while you’re on the go with their mobile app.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • eCommerce capabilities. Not only can Weebly handle the payment processing associated with your membership website’s online store, but it can also help track your inventory and showcase your products. Slideshows and videos make it easy to show off the products you wish to sell to your members. Then, you can easily ship the product using their shipping tool.
  • SEO tools. Powerful SEO tools can help ensure your website is found by Google and other search engines. Instead of installing a bunch of plugins, the tools are available to you right there from the membership website builder. They even have a guide to show you how to follow these SEO guidelines and optimize your meta descriptions, meta titles, images, etc.
  • Mobile app. Weebly's mobile app offers site integration, meaning you can edit your website or check important stats like your site’s rankings directly from your phone.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly's business plans start at $6 monthly and can go up to $26 if you want more performance features. Websites can be hosted through Weebly or a third party.

8. The Best Membership Website Builder for Easy Designing: WebStarts

WebStarts can help your association build a beautiful membership website.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

WebStarts is a membership website builder that acts as a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. Their comprehensive system hosts your website in the cloud so you never need to worry about configuring web servers.

This CMS is truly a what-you-see-is-what-you-get platform for designing your website. This solution is ideal if you are unsure how to best configure a template on a CMS platform. All you need to do is drag and drop different elements where you want them to appear on your site. There is no code to worry about or template customization restrictions.

Why WebStarts is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

WebStarts also has design features such as over 700 fonts to choose from, anchor links, image editing, and an icon library. All of these design options make it easy to personalize and adjust your website according to your design preferences.

This platform offers different pricing tables for different types of organizations. A free version is available to get you used to the platform, but there’s also Pro (perfect for individuals), Pro Plus for clubs, and Business for businesses or membership organizations looking to grow.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Sitemap. WebStarts enables your organization to upload a sitemap for your site. With a sitemap available, search engines have a much easier time finding your web content. This aspect of SEO can help your site do better in its rankings through search engines like Google.
  • eCommerce capabilities. Your association can easily set up an online store and begin selling merchandise from your website immediately. It has the capability to accept credit card payments directly from your website.
  • Free graphics. WebStarts give you access to hundreds of free fonts and icons to help you build an attractive membership site.

WebStarts Pricing

WebStarts Pro Plus plan costs $14 per month and its Business plan costs $23 per month.

9. Top Membership Website Builder for a Holistic Business Approach: Simbla

Simbla is a membership website builder with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

Simbla’s website builder is developed specifically for businesses, offering responsive templates and photos to incorporate into your membership website. It’s built on Bootstrap3, a collection of web application tools that includes coded templates for forms, buttons, navigation, and other useful website elements.

The Boostrap3 base for Simbla makes it easy to use their drag-and-drop building interface. You won’t need a web designer or coding proficiency because these pre-made elements are all available through the CMS.

Why Simbla is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Simbla’s services are described as a “holistic solution” for businesses. Your website is stored on their server farm. They use a third-party audit for security testing so you can be sure that your site is secure for you and your members.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Online database builder. Simbla offers a database builder to help your organization to create and manage an online cloud-based database for all of your organization’s actions.
  • Web application builder. You can create web applications that communicate directly with your database. This streamlines processes between the premade widgets on Simbla’s platform and your online database.
  • Domain purchasing. When you create a website through Simbla, you can purchase your domain right there through the site. This eliminates the headache of connecting to other outside domain purchasing sources.

Simbla Pricing

Simbla's basic plan costs $22 per month and its pro plan is $58 per month.If you want more expansive features, you can use their Enterprise plan for $625 per month.

10. The Best Membership Website Builder for Working Offline: TemplateToaster

TemplateToaster is a membership website builder that produces high quality websites.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

TemplateToaster is a unique membership website builder because it’s not the usual theme, plugin, or web app. Instead, it’s a software designed for Windows that helps your organization build an attractive website offline through your favorite content management systems.

It has plenty of templates for your chosen CMS, plus even more features to help your membership organization create an attractive website.

Why TemplateToaster is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

TemplateToaster enables you to add all the design elements you want with no hassle. These elements include popular website features such as a menu builder, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor (enabling customization of text and tables as well as image browsing), and slideshow capabilities.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Offline editing. Because this is a software that you download, you don’t need an immediate internet connection in order to work on your website design.
  • Mobile-responsive. TemplateToaster recognizes the need for mobile-responsive sites in today’s increasingly mobile world. Sites built through this software are all mobile responsive and Bootstrap compatible, meaning you can renew or improve your theme without hindering the responsiveness of the live site.

TemplateToaster Pricing

TemplateToaster's Standard Edition costs $49 and its Professional Edition costs $99.

11. The Best Membership Website Builder for Automation: Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is an intuitive membership website platform that can help any association build a well-designed site.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder:

When it comes to membership website builders, Wild Apricot is a great choice. Their platform was built specifically for membership organizations. On top of being a website builder, Wild Apricot serves as an all-in-one platform that includes many additional features like registration forms, event calendars, a mobile app, and an online store.

Why Wild Apricot is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Their editor is flexible for all kinds of users. The interface is extremely easy to use for beginners, but you can also tweak Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) settings or modify an existing site if you already have one.

What's more, your website comes ready with a robust membership database and emailing system so you can analyze your members’ data and communicate with them at ease. Plus, they have six plans to choose from that can fit your needs and budget — whether your group is just growing or if you already have an established member count running into the thousands.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Subscription-level options: Wild Apricot allows users to create multiple membership levels with subscription fees, periods, and benefits customized to each level. That means you'll be able to restrict content and web pages to certain members while giving access to applicable members.
  • Admin & member apps: Wild Apricot has released apps for both members and admins on all IOS and Android systems. These apps can be used to view member data, check attendees into events, and facilitate payments all on a portable device.
  • Website templates: Each free Wild Apricot trial comes with access to their professionally designed membership website templates to get your site up as soon as possible. You can customize each template to your liking and have a professional website up in just a matter of hours.

Wild Apricot Pricing

Wild Apricot offers a wide range of plans for different sized organizations. The Group plan starts at $60 per month, the Professional plan costs $190 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs $420 per month.

12. The Best Membership Website Builder for Organizations Using QuickBooks: Novi AMS

If you're looking for a top notch membership website builder, NoviAMS can help with its comprehensive features.

Overview of this Membership Website Builder

Novi AMS is an association management system that features a CMS dedicated to the needs of associations. While not primarily marketed as a CMS, having the AMS and CMS functionalities work together means you won’t have to figure out a way to make the two communicate seamlessly.

This membership website builder will help you create a hub for all of the information your members may want to access, as well as allow you to create an effective member directory. If you’re already using QuickBooks as your accounting software, you’ll also be able to sync your financial information between the two platforms.

Why Novi AMS is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

The websites you can create with Novi AMS are fully customizable to your organization, so it’s easy to create an engaging website with familiar branding for your members. The websites are also mobile responsive, so they can be viewed on any device without issue. In addition, you can edit your site on the go using your smartphone.

Best Membership Site Software Features

  • Responsive design. Create a membership website that functions equally well on any type of device, including desktop, mobile, and tablets. This way, members can easily access important links such as their member portal login.
  • Functionality. Easily update your membership website with little to no coding experience necessary. Novi AMS’s click-to-edit capabilities allow your team members to edit the frontend of your website without needing to access the source code.
  • Member portals. Allow members to visit your website so they can log into their portals, access communications, and update their information.
  • Member directories. Novi AMS’s CMS offers a directory in which members can promote their products and services to other member companies.
  • Google Analytics tracking and SEO tools. Learn more about your web traffic through Google Analytics and take advantage of automated search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will improve your website's visibility on popular search engines.

Novi AMS Pricing

Novi AMS pricing is done on a quote basis. Contact the business for a quote.

13. The Best Membership Site Platform for Higher Ed Institutes: Modern Campus

ModernCampus is an intuitive membership website builder meant to streamline the development process.

Overview of Modern Campus

Modern Campus is a membership website platform for higher education institutions that helps to create a positive student experience from enrollment to graduation. The platform’s content management system, Omni CMS, offers diverse features to build a strong educational community online.

Transform your digital brand by taking advantage of image galleries, forms, surveys, polls, and more. In turn, you’ll develop a tight-knit learning community. Empower your team to easily deliver the highly-personalized web experience that modern learners expect and that modern higher education providers need to thrive.

Why Modern Campus is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Modern Campus is a great website builder for educational institutions due to its specialized features and student-first approach. The CMS allows colleges and universities to prioritize the student experience with a platform that is easy for school administrators to use. Today’s students recognize the difference between mediocre and modern, which is why Modern Campus gives you everything you need to curate a personalized branded experience without struggle.

Best Membership Site Software Features

Modern Campus empowers institutions with these carefully designed membership site features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor. Omni CMS has easy drag-and-drop features for building pages and keeping content frequently updated.
  • Student enrollment. Modern Campus offers student enrollment features, allowing you to create course curriculums and accept registrations through an intuitive interface.
  • Intranet portals. Create user portals to serve different higher ed groups such as teachers, staff, students, and alumni. Users can communicate with each other and share private files through a password-protected portal.
  • Marketing features. Modern Campus’s features allow you to push web pages to your school’s social media accounts and engage audiences with blogs and photos.

Modern Campus Pricing

Contact Modern Campus to line up a demo and receive pricing information for their membership website builder.

14. The Best Membership Website Software for Built-In Analytics: Squarespace

Squarespace has built-in tools for tracking data analytics on your membership website.

Overview of Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder with beautiful designs and built-in tools for tracking website traffic. With plenty of features, this generic solution can transform into a functional membership website builder, providing everything you need to grow your online presence and connect with members.

The platform simplifies the website building process with pre-designed themes and optional extensions to add functionality to your membership website. Squarespace’s analytics features are similar to Google Analytics and offer important metrics on website visitors and user engagement. That way, you can stay up-to-date on your site’s performance with built-in analytics that help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Why Squarespace is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Squarespace is known for its attractive website themes and user-friendly interface. Membership organizations are able to build a website themselves and add new content without help from a professional web developer. For data-driven organizations, its analytics features allow you to track important metrics about your website in a simple dashboard.

Best Membership Site Software Features

Make the most of your organization’s online presence with these Squarespace features:

  • API integration. Member organizations can choose from a variety of Squarespace extensions that are integrated with third-party platforms like Delighted, QuickBooks, and Smart SEO.
  • Email marketing. Squarespace allows you to build engaging email campaigns with the same drag-and-drop editor as your website. You can also send the emails out from your website platform.
  • eCommerce. Squarespace offers eCommerce templates for creating an online store to sell merchandise and digital products through your membership organization’s website.
  • Scheduling features. Squarespace’s online calendar offers scheduling and syncing features to manage appointments.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace’s pricing plans range from $23 per month for a business website to $27 for a Commerce website and $49 for advanced Commerce features.

15. The Best Membership Platform for Startups: Wix

Wix is a membership website builder with multiple themes and templates.

Overview of Wix

Wix is a powerful website-building tool for organizations on a budget. The website builder has tons of attractive website themes and templates to get your membership website up and running quickly.

Wix is a popular platform among small businesses and consulting professionals because it has affordable basic plans with simple drag-and-drop editing features to design an effective website in both desktop and mobile view.

The Wix App Market offers a wide range of applications to build out functionality for your website. Choose from features like eCommerce, events, pop-ups, and more to help your site cut through the noise. Their suite of 250+ applications makes it easy to connect with members and deliver the exact experience you want.

Why Wix is One of the Best Membership Website Builders

Wix is a great option for startup associations because it doesn’t require any coding expertise to design a professional-looking website. The front-end editing tools allow users to easily add text, images, videos, blogs, galleries, and more. Wix’s membership website builder also comes with web analytics and email capabilities.

While drag-and-drop editing makes adding content easy, Wix doesn’t have any restrictions for where you can put blocks, so be aware that it is easy to overcrowd your membership site. Hiring a web designer to create the initial design will help ensure your website is user-friendly and communicates effectively.

Best Membership Site Software Features

When you invest in Wix’s membership website builder, you’ll gain access to a suite of helpful tools, including:

  • Appointment scheduling. Wix’s calendar feature allows users to book appointments and receive appointment reminders through text or email.
  • Social media integration. Social media is an important communication tool to engage with members and grow your online presence. Wix allows you to link to your social media profiles and embed live feeds.
  • Mobile editing. Wix has a mobile application to view website metrics or make content updates on-the-go.
  • Members area. Build a members-only area for visitors to register an account and gain access to exclusive pages and services.

Wix Pricing

Wix’s business plans range from $16 to $45 per month.

The Gist

You’ve already done the hard work in bringing your membership organization to life. Now, you need a beautifully-designed website that engages members and helps them feel more connected to your community. By picking the right website builder, you can develop an effective membership website that makes the development process a breeze.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to build a well-designed membership website, check out these resources below for more information:

A membership website builder can streamline the web design process.