10 Best Association Websites [And How They Did It]

author Candace Bozek on September 26, 2019

10 best association website examples

In an increasingly digital world, associations have recognized the need to connect with members online. Extending your association’s reach online allows you to grow your memberships beyond your immediate community.

At the center of any strong online presence is an engaging member website. Your website is a crucial component of your association’s outreach, marketing, and member engagement strategies. Associations looking to create a professional website can make use of smart design tools like association website templates and a feature-rich content management system (CMS). By leveraging these online tools, your association can design a stunning website that your members will love.

Ready to feel inspired? Find out how these associations designed industry-leading websites:

  1. International Association of Fairs and Expositions
  2. Poultry Science Association
  3. Rotary International
  4. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
  5. Elementary Teachers of Toronto
  6. International WAGR Syndrome Association
  7. Association of Controls Professionals
  8. The Marketing Alliance
  9. Active Schools
  10. National Association of Postal Supervisors

1. Best Association Website: International Association of Fairs and Expositions

Top association website: International Association of Fairs and Expos

What makes this association website special?

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions uses funky shapes and page animations to engage site visitors and capture the essence of the funfairs they represent. Their website has the perfect balance of creative design and informative content, answering visitors’ top questions like: ‘who should join?’ and ‘what are the benefits of a membership?’.

The site has a strong visual identity with bright colors, stunning image banners and unique fonts to match the association’s branding. Memberships are prioritized in the web design through colorful buttons in the navigation menu and attractive call-to-action banners on key pages.

Our favorite feature? The website offers an online library with over 1,500 downloadable files. Members can filter by category and download everything from toolkits, document templates, photos, to industry reports.

What can your association learn from this website?

The International Association of Fairs and Expositions designed their website with Morweb. The layout of the website is a completely custom design to match the uniqueness of the association. All of the content is easily editable through Morweb’s live, drag-and-drop editor.

The association chose the Morweb platform for its member-specific functionality such as member logins, private pages, online forms and events pages. Their website makes it apparent how to join the association, find an upcoming fair, or log in to the members portal by highlighting these pages in the top menu.

Other associations can learn from the member-centric design to create a website that best serves the needs of their members.

2. Best Association Website: Poultry Science Association

Top association website: Poultry Science Association

What makes this association website special?

The Poultry Science Association website is clean and minimalistic with just the right touch of color. Their homepage features recent news and resources to download as well as custom icons to guide you through the membership process.

The association’s website has a unique navigation menu featuring a mix of dropdown menus and quick links. Best of all, the large ‘Donate’ button in the top right corner makes it easy for site visitors to support their cause by filling out an on-site donation form.

Our favorite feature? The member directory has an interactive map to show the global impact of their organization.

What can your association learn from this website?

From the outset, it is clear that their website is membership-focused. The homepage highlights an introduction about the association’s members and the ‘Join’ section shows the various membership types and how to become a member.

The Poultry Science Association designed their website by partnering with Morweb. The custom design does a great job of highlighting membership benefits and encouraging site visitors to get involved whether that’s by joining, attending a meeting, reading publications or donating to their foundation. Each of these actions are supported by Morweb’s built-in website features.

3. Best Association Website: Rotary International

Top association website: Rotary

What makes this association website special?

Rotary’s website is a global network of members and clubs working together to support a number of humanitarian causes. The site is visually stunning throughout. The homepage features an engaging video banner with animations that help bring the content to life as you scroll down the page.

Their website is quite large which they manage well through a mass dropdown menu that lists each page link under different subheadings. The ‘Join’ and ‘Donate’ pages are highlighted above the menu so they are easily accessible from any page.

Our favorite feature? Rotary’s individual cause pages do a great job of explaining the cause, outlining goals to combat the crisis, and outlining ways to help.

What can your association learn from this website?

Rotary’s website does an excellent job of telling their story. The association makes use of colorful imagery and animated graphics to convey their mission and express ways to get involved.

While the videos and page animations help catch the visitors eye, there is almost too much to look at. Every aspect of the website is animated, which is a bit distracting and may cause issues with web accessibility.

Rotary developed their website on Drupal for its powerful functionality. Drupal is a robust CMS platform with tons of modules and website themes to choose from. However, user be warned: this is no platform for beginners. The complexity of the platform makes it difficult to edit your website or alter the design without the help of a developer.

4. Best Association Website: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Top association website: Balloon Fiesta

What makes this association website special?

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a balloon festival that takes place every October in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While this is not a traditional association website per se, the complexity of the festival requires the registration of hundreds of hot air balloon pilots.

Balloon Fiesta’s website design offers a unique web experience through the use of page animations on a sky background, giving you the feeling of flying through the skies while surrounded by hot air balloons as you scroll down the page. The best designs, take what's unique about your organization and highlight it using impactful imagery. In Balloon Fiesta's case, the feeling of being up in the air with the hot air balloons makes users excited about the annual event.

Design elements including a countdown timer and upcoming event announcements help build anticipation for site visitors. The site also features an animated counter for the number of hot air balloons, guests attended, and pilots for the fiesta.

Our favorite feature? Balloon Fiesta provides a weather tracker in the footer of the website for pilots and attendees to plan accordingly.

What can your association learn from this website?

Given the immense size of this festival and the legal requirements of piloting a hot air balloon, a members portal for pilots is essential. The organization’s website was designed on the Morweb platform making use of great association features like private pages, members logins and custom forms for a complex pilot application.

To provide the best user experience, the custom navigation includes call-to-actions for the most popular pages that users frequent based on their existing analytics. Be sure to ask your web designer to review your analytics during the initial planning/design phase.

By choosing a website platform specifically for associations, Balloon Fiesta was able to create a compelling website design backed by powerful functionality to serve a wide member base.

5. Best Association Website: Elementary Teachers of Toronto

Top association website: Elementary Teachers of Toronto

What makes this association website special?

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto is an attractive union website with tasteful color pops and subtle animations. The homepage uses custom icons to highlight important links and shows previews of recent news and event posts.

Furthermore, the association encourages fellow teachers to get involved in the conversation online by showing a live feed of their Twitter account with links in the footer to their other social media channels.

Our favorite feature? The built-in registration forms make it easy for new teachers to join the association and connect with other members through an online portal.

What can your association learn from this website?

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto’s website was designed by Simplistics on the WordPress platform. WordPress’s blog engine is great for their news and events sections. Through a mix of third-party plugins, the association can offer diverse functionality to serve their members.

The main drawback of WordPress for association web design is that it can be difficult for non-technical users to make edits to the content and design. Because the plugins are developed by third parties, you will have to contact the individual developer if you run into any issues. If your team does not have a developer on hand, we recommend hiring a consultant for general website support.

6. Best Association Website - International WAGR Syndrome Association

Best association website: International WAGR Syndrome Association

What makes this association website special?

The International WAGR Syndrome Association (IWSA) is a global nonprofit with a mission to further awareness, research, and support for individuals and families affected by WAGR syndrome.

IWSA’s website is highly informative and makes use of engaging graphics to explain the disorder and encourage site visitors to get involved in the nonprofit’s various programs and initiatives.

The association’s website offers resources for families, teachers, physicians, and researchers to learn more about WAGR syndrome as well as featured stories from individuals and families affected by the disorder.

Our favorite feature? IWSA’s website is compliant with Level A Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. The website is fully navigable by keyboard and screen reader technology, and it offers unique web accessibility features which allow users to increase text size, highlight links, and convert the website to greyscale.

What can your association learn from this website?

IWSA designed and developed its nonprofit website with Morweb’s agency design and CMS services. Morweb created a custom website design and integrated nonprofit-specific features to bring the association’s vision to life.

Morweb specializes in web accessibility for nonprofits and outfitted the website with essential accessibility options to allow people with disabilities to access its content.

7. Best Association Website: Association of Controls Professionals

Top association website: Association of Controls Professionals

What makes this association website special?

The Association of Controls Professionals is a member-based organization for building automation professionals. Their website is both stylish and professional with engaging page animations, custom icons and informative content.

The website theme strongly reflects the organization’s branding. The font choice, color accents, and slanted shapes nicely complement the association’s logo. Memberships are a clear priority on the website with a bright ‘Membership’ button in the navigation menu and clear calls-to-action throughout the homepage.

Our favorite feature? The BAS Marketplace page offers statistics about careers in building automation systems and features a live counter of weekly mean BAS vacancies.

What can your association learn from this website?

Given that the Association of Controls Professionals is a highly specialized field, their website does a great job of communicating their mission to the general public while guiding their target audience of controls professionals to member-specific content.

The association’s website was built on the Morweb platform with a custom design. All elements of the website are editable with Morweb’s drag-and-drop editor. The homepage slider, content blocks, post lists and embedded videos can all be updated on the front end of the website without the help of a developer. News stories and event posts use Morweb’s blog engine so it is extremely easy to add new content and keep site visitors coming back for more.

8. Best Association Website: The Marketing Alliance

Top association website: The Marketing Alliance

What makes this association website special?

The Marketing Alliance is an association of marketing professionals that hosts numerous events throughout the year. As a member-based organization, a member's login, directory and events registration are of the utmost importance.

The association’s website incorporates video on the homepage to create a visually engaging experience. Featured upcoming events, blog posts and a live Twitter feed encourage site visitors to get involved in the organization or purchase a membership.

Our favorite feature? The Marketing Alliance's events page lists upcoming events by date allowing interested parties to click to learn more. From there, they can easily register or purchase an event ticket.

What can your association learn from this website?

The Marketing Alliance does a great job of highlighting their memberships and events. From the large 'Become a Member' call-to-action in the navigation bar to the Member Benefits page, it is clear that engagement is a top priority for this association.

The association built their website on the Morweb platform using a customized theme. They chose Morweb for its membership capabilities including private pages, user management, event templates and CRM integration. In 2019, the association rebranded their site from the Business Marketing Association of Colorado (BMA Colorado). With Morweb's website branding features, the organization was able to adjust the design from bright red to match their new logo which features turquoise and bright green colors.

9. Best Association Website: Active Schools

Top association website: Active Schools

What makes this association website special?

Active Schools is a movement that encourages parents and teachers to join together in the mission to increase physical activity in schools. The website is highly visual with high-resolution images, colorful graphics and embedded videos.

Active Schools has a clear membership focus with a ‘Sign Up’ button and dedicated sections for parents and teachers to learn more about the movement and how they can get involved.

Our favorite feature? The Movement page offers an in-depth overview of the association’s cause and highlights the impact of their ambassadors and partners.

What can your association learn from this website?

Other associations looking to create a visually appealing website can learn from Active Schools’ attention to detail. Their website design has great consistency with the text and imagery.

Active Schools’ website was built on Squarespace. This CMS is a great platform for creating visually engaging sites, however it may lack some association-specific features like event registration and ticketing.

Squarespace offers stylish website templates for creating a website from scratch. Many templates are tightly locked down requiring you to add your own code if you want to change the styling. The purpose for their stringent layouts is to prevent inexperienced web designers from messing up the templates. However, associations with strict brand guidelines may struggle to adjust the template to match without the help of a developer.

10. Best Association Website: National Association of Postal Supervisors

Top association website: National Association Postal Supervisors

What makes this association website special?

The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) is another great example of a highly specialized member-based organization. The homepage does an excellent job of communicating their purpose to the general public while funnelling potential members to join.

The NAPS website is very information-intensive with tons of resources, external links, news stories and online forms. The association does a great job of organizing their mass amounts of content into an easily digestible format through the use of side menus, subheadings and accordions.

Our favorite feature? The Find Your Branch page has a custom search option to help you find information about member branches.

What can your association learn from this website?

Associations that serve a very specific vocation can learn from NAPS’ member focus. Their website is frequently updated with upcoming events, breaking news, and additional resources. The association is also extremely active on social media, which is reflected on the homepage’s live Twitter feed.

NAPS built their website on the Morweb platform by customizing an association website theme. Because the association is so active online, Morweb is a great choice for their website needs because it is easy to edit pages and add new content.

The Gist

Designing a professional association website might be easier than you think. Armed with the right CMS platform, association website theme and inspiration from your peers, you can create an engaging online hub for your members.

Want to delve a little deeper into association web design? Check out our favorite web design resources for associations just like yours:

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