The 22 Best Nonprofit Websites [Steal These Awesome Ideas!]

author Murad Bushnaq on August 21, 2018

22 best nonprofit website examples

Making a splash online can be really challenging for nonprofits, whether you’re a large global organization or your focus is on your immediate community.

As the foundation of your online presence, your website is a critical part of reaching your supporters, especially in this digital age. It serves as the hub of all information regarding your nonprofit. It’s where prospects learn about your mission, volunteers sign up for shifts, and donors contribute to your work.

Too often, user experience and aesthetics often get brushed under the rug to feature this content, though. Many organizations feel like an engaging, attractive website is out of reach. Well, think again! You don’t have to sacrifice quality content for a captivating design or vice versa.

Ready to get inspired? Find out how these organizations designed outstanding nonprofit websites:

  1. Community Foundation of Sarasota County
  2. The SEEP Network
  3. Thorn
  4. San Luis Obispo County YMCA
  5. Lions Club International
  6. American Friends of Covent Garden
  7. Greenbelt Essex County Land Trust
  8. Upstream International
  9. International Rhino Foundation
  10. Humane Society of the Treasure Coast
  11. Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research
  12. The Voices Project
  13. Nonprofit Finance Fund
  14. Kode With Klossy
  15. Uryadi’s Village
  16. Minnesota Community Action Partnership
  17. Acumen
  18. MEND
  19. buildOn
  20. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  21. Big Island Substance Abuse Council
  22. The Guggenheim Museum

Designing the perfect nonprofit website doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Your nonprofit can create a best-fit website for your community easily. All you need is plenty of inspiration and smart design tools to get the job done without breaking the bank.

If you need expert advice on making your nonprofit website design stand out, reach out to the Morweb team. You can also take your design to the next level with a free trial of our user-friendly website builder that’s designed specifically for nonprofits.

1. Best Nonprofit Website Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Best nonprofit website example: Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Why We Love CFSC’s Web Design

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC) is a charitable organization with three areas of impact: community care, empowerment and success, and belonging and culture. Their motto — “Be the One” — reflects the belief that anyone can be a philanthropist and give back to their community, regardless of means.

The community foundation’s mission is clear throughout its nonprofit website design. The homepage banner showcases smiling community members and highlights the organization’s statement of impact. This nonprofit website has engaging design elements including smooth mouse-over effects and dynamic media galleries. The site looks equally great on mobile devices with all content seamlessly adjusting to fit a smaller screen size.

CFSC's navigation menu lends itself to a great user experience. The mega menu organizes the pages in a clean format and the most important pages like the Donate page and Season of Sharing campaign are highlighted with colorful buttons. There is also an alert bar at the very top of the navigation menu allowing the organization to highlight important updates.

Our favorite feature? This nonprofit website offers a web accessibility feature in the top right corner of their navigation menu. Site visitors can change the font size, switch to greyscale, highlight links, or change the font in order to improve their viewing experience.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County designed and built its website with Morweb.

Built on Morweb’s user-friendly nonprofit CMS, the community foundation's website was designed to last without needing to reach out to coding experts for every minor edit.

Morweb's drag-and-drop editor allows the organization to easily add or edit their pages on the front end of their site so they can see exactly how their page will look live. CFSC's website theme was custom-developed and comes with dozens of prebuilt templates that are consistent with the organization's branding.

For the functionality of the site, CFSC took advantage of Morweb’s nonprofit-specific features including customizable donation forms, resource galleries, blogs, and event registration & ticketing to best serve their constituents.

2. Best Nonprofit Website The SEEP Network

Best nonprofit website example: The SEEP Network

Why We Love SEEP’s Web Design

The SEEP Network (short for “Small Enterprise Evaluation Project”) is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to addressing the root causes of global poverty. With their assistance, hundreds of organizations worldwide are empowered to better serve their constituents in the fight to promote economic opportunities for the world’s poor.

This commitment to solving global poverty is evident in SEEP’s web design. On their homepage, visitors are first greeted with a rolling slideshow featuring pictures of their constituents to help put a human face to their advocacy work. Even further, SEEP makes it clear from the outset just how you can get involved with their work on the ground level by including links to their “About Us,” “Resources,” and “Membership” pages both in icon elements in the middle of the homepage and in their running navigation menu.

Our favorite feature? SEEP's member directory has an interactive map of its members around the globe and a profile view that allow you to filter by practice area, member type, or region.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The SEEP Network partners with Morweb to build and maintain their web presence.

Using one of Morweb’s website themes crafted exclusively for international NGOs, SEEP was able to seamlessly customize their site to best serve their audience.

With Morweb’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, the organization can easily add and edit content as needed without the help of a web developer. SEEP’s Morweb site perfectly reflects the organization's brand and communicates who they are to new visitors. Because they've employed some web design best practices, it’s easy to get involved and join their mission to end poverty worldwide.

3. Best Nonprofit Website — Thorn

Best nonprofit website example: Thorn

Why We Love Thorn’s Web Design

Thorn is a global nonprofit organization that tackles the growing problem of child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Because their work addresses such difficult subject matter, Thorn goes to great lengths to make their website inviting for all users. Whether you’re looking for the latest research data or interested in donating to support their work, Thorn’s website is structured around sharing educational material about child sexual exploitation on the internet while providing tools to companies and law enforcement officers.

In order to tell the story of their beneficiaries, Thorn pairs emotional images and videos to help users to get up to speed about the realities of modern child exploitation.

Our favorite feature? Thorn’s online donation page uses clean colors and simple, graphic animations. They also provide various ways for donors to give, offering ways to show support through branded merchandise, with multiple donation platforms, and even with company matching programs. This helps Thorn capitalize on all opportunities to raise revenue and it is displayed in a nice, visually appealing way.

One way to improve this page might be to increase the accessibility of non-traditional donation methods. The basic online donation page has a nice embedded donation form which you can access on the page. Create the same ease-of-use for those who want their gifts matched by embedding a corporate giving program database.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Thorn’s website was built using WordPress, a content management system like Morweb and Drupal.

WordPress provides users with lots of features to creatively structure and build dynamic websites. However, like Drupal, WordPress takes time to master and isn’t for beginners.

Although you can download WordPress website templates, your nonprofit will still need to spend lots of time building your site, and will need to hire a web developer to make major customizations.

This means that when the time comes for a site-wide refresh, you’ll likely run into trouble making updates.

4. Best Nonprofit Website San Luis Obispo County YMCA

Best nonprofit website example: San Luis Obispo County YMCA

Why We Love SLO County YMCA’s Web Design

San Luis Obispo County YMCA is a chapter of the Y based in California. Dedicated to promoting physical fitness and community engagement, SLO County YMCA's mission is to develop the mind, body, and spirit of all community members, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age.

This focus on supporting wellness and uplifting the community is evident throughout SLO County YMCA's web design. When visitors land on their homepage, they're immediately greeted with a slideshow of active community members making the most of what "the Y" has to offer.

Since SLO County YMCA is primarily a community recreation organization, they make the most of their homepage’s real estate by placing engagement opportunities front and center. Using bright call-to-action buttons, they center opportunities for youth development and healthy living. Nearby, they also include a "Donate" button to steer users toward giving back.

Our favorite feature? The branding of the site is clean and consistent with YMCA's brand guidelines. The typography and graphic elements perfectly match the logo.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

SLO County YMCA partners with Morweb to build and maintain their online presence.

Morweb offers a number of themes for YMCA branches, so it’s no wonder that they were able to create such an effective online home for their cause.

What really stands out is how well the YMCA branding melds into the web design. You can tell how much freedom organizations like yours have over their website’s aesthetics when they use an accessible CMS like Morweb’s.

By making the most of Morweb’s customizable features, SLO County YMCA still benefits from the platform’s drag-and-drop, coding-free interface, while also creating an online home that’s totally unique to their community.

5. Best Nonprofit Website Lions Club International

Top nonprofit website design: Lions Club International

Why We Love Lions Club International’s Web Design

Lions Club International is a member-based organization dedicated to building stronger communities and improving the world through kindness.

The image banner makes an impact from the moment you land on the homepage. As you scroll down, a parallax effect reveals more information about the organization and leads down to stories of success and various calls-to-action to get involved.

Lions Club International has a deceivingly large website which is organized cleanly in a mega menu. The organization uses blogs to frequently post success stories and resources for members.

Our favorite feature? Lions Club International’s website has a perfect example of an effective donation page design. The donation form is built into the website and integrated with Stripe. It has a clean, minimalistic feel that guides you through the giving process in chronological order.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Lions Club International designed their nonprofit website on Drupal. Drupal is a powerful platform with tons of features to choose from, but users should be warned: Drupal has a steep learning curve and might not be appropriate for newcomers to nonprofit web design.

The organization hired web design agency Hero Digital for the development of the site. The back end of Drupal can be quite difficult to navigate so Lions Club will likely need a web developer on hand for regular website maintenance.

6. Best Nonprofit Website - American Friends of Covent Garden

Top nonprofit website design: American Friends of Covent Garden

Why We Love the American Friends of Covent Garden’s Web Design

The American Friends of Covent Garden was founded in 1969 for an audience of opera and ballet lovers.

This organization started as a way to foster the relationship between England and the United States. Since then, its focus has shifted to encouraging Americans in London to attend the Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet, and bringing ballet performances from Covent Garden to the United States.

The goal for the American Friends of Covent Garden is to attract new supporters. Their website makes this clear by incorporating design features like eye-catching imagery and convenient calls-to-action.

The slideshow of high-quality photos featured on the homepage banner attracts the eye of site visitors and highlights the beauty of the shows from Covent Garden.

They make it easy to connect supporters to donation opportunities, membership benefit information, and recent news. You can easily navigate the site to give your support simply by clicking any of the “Donate”, “Join” or “Learn More” buttons.

Our favorite feature? The membership page offers multiple membership options for supporters to choose from and the price of each package. When you click to receive more information about becoming a Friend, Supporter, Benefactor, or Patron, a pop-up appears explaining the benefits of each membership package so you can compare options and purchase directly through the website.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The American Friends of Covent Garden’s website was built using Morweb’s easy-to-use CMS platform.

Morweb’s nonprofit-specific web design features make it easy to include all of the elements relevant to nonprofits, including opportunities to get involved.

The built-in donation page features available through Morweb create a seamless donation process by allowing donors to give directly through American Friends of Covent Garden’s website without being redirected to a third party platform.

The donation page is an excellent example of how to make use of white space for a minimalist design. The donation form offers suggested giving amounts and required information fields in a simplistic, one-page form.

7. Best Nonprofit Website - Greenbelt Essex County's Land Trust

Best nonprofit website example: Greenbelt

Why We Love the Web Design for Greenbelt - Essex County's Land Trust

Greenbelt - Essex County's Land Trust (ECGA) is a highly visual site with stunning image sliders, featured sections, and engaging navigation menu. The color-popping navigation in the upper corner of the website makes it easy for site visitors to get information about hiking trails, events and donations.

ECGA's events page offers an overall view of upcoming events with a link to learn more and RSVP or purchase tickets.

The property search page displays all of the properties within the land trust. The organization's trail map is interactive allowing you to learn more about each trail including how to get there, what activities you can do there, or take a virtual tour, download a PDF of the map or browse through their image gallery.

Our favorite feature? A unique feature of this stunning nonprofit website is their Osprey Cam. ECGA offers a live camera feed on the nest of a pair of young Osprey. Each spring you can watch as their eggs hatch and the young chicks grow to eventually leave the nest.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Greenbelt partners with Morweb to create and maintain their attractive and interactive website.

Morweb’s image features and page templates helped the organization incorporate their branding and keep visitors engaged with their programs.

Plus, Morweb’s properties feature allowed the land trust to create pages for each of their reservations and link to them from an interactive map.

The organization encourages site visitors to get social with them by including links to their social media in the footer. Greenbelt features a live feed of their Instagram account and invites visitors to sign up for their newsletter or connect through Facebook, Instagram, or Vimeo.

8. Best Nonprofit Website: Upstream International

Best nonprofit website example: Upstream International

Why We Love Upstream International’s Web Design

Upstream International is a global Christian nonprofit organization that brings people together to challenge poverty in creative ways.

The stunning imagery and bright color palette are what bring this organization’s cause to life. The photos show real people in Haiti, Uganda, and Kenya, but rather than focusing on pictures of poverty, there’s hope and joy in their expressions.

Each page incorporates stunning graphics and icons to tell the story of the organization's global impact and invite visitors to get involved.

The site does an excellent job of guiding visitors to the child sponsorship page. Through a feature grid, select categories and the ability to dive deeper into a child’s story. Upstream uses Givecloud to power their online donations and child sponsorships. Donors can choose a fund to give to or a child to sponsor with recurring giving options.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Upstream’s website was custom-developed by web design agency Coulee Creative. The website was developed using CSS, a markup language like HTML or JavaScript.

CSS gives your team greater power to create customized elements like the site’s video banner image. However, using CSS isn’t for coding newbies, and you’ll need to hire a dedicated CSS expert to build your site from the ground up using this language.

For most nonprofit organizations, this would break a budget that's already stretched thin. And ultimately, unless you decide to hire that coder out for later projects or train a coder to stay on your staff long term, your team will have a hard time-solving tech issues or updating the site without help.

9. Best Nonprofit Website — International Rhino Foundation

Best nonprofit website example: International Rhino Foundation

Why We Love International Rhino Foundation’s Web Design

The International Rhino Foundation is an animal advocacy group committed to supporting rhinoceros populations worldwide.

Their mission is apparent as soon as you arrive on their homepage. Rhinoceros images are positioned front-and-center, and a call to action driving users to support these animals is placed at the center of the page.

Because the bulk of their projects have pressing fundraising needs, the International Rhino Foundation’s website is designed to steer users toward giving. Right on the homepage, you can click a link that directs you to their online giving form.

On this form, you can choose from a number of suggested gift options. This page is branded to their cause and feels like a seamless element of their web presence, making it easier for potential donors to decide to make a gift.

Our favorite feature? On the International Rhino Foundation’s homepage, you can easily click through to web pages that detail the organization’s successful track record, learn more about rhinos, or get involved in their global research.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The International Rhino Foundation’s website was built using WordPress.

Their online fundraising forms were designed by Salsa Labs. These forms are embedded into their website and feature mobile-responsive design elements in order to support both mobile and desktop users.

Using WordPress can be less intensive than working on a Drupal website. However, with WordPress, your design experience is really dependent upon what theme you choose, especially if it’s a lesser-used offering from a third-party developer.

The bottom line is that choosing a WordPress website can give your organization a lot of freedom in how you design your web presence. But, your team needs to be careful to choose a theme that’s regularly updated and offers support services in order to ensure smooth implementation and maintenance.

10. Best Nonprofit Website - Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

Best nonprofit website example: Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

Why We Love the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast’s Web Design

The Humane Society of Treasure Coast (HSTC) was founded in 1955 in Florida.

This humane society is a no-kill shelter that accepts animals no matter their age, health, temperament, or breed. The HSTC focuses on taking in animals and nursing them to their healthiest state before helping them find new homes through adoption.

The HSTC relies on community involvement in more ways than just donations. Their website makes it easy to find opportunities to get involved by volunteering, fostering, attending events, buying merchandise, and pet training.

The HSTC’s goal to get people involved is clear throughout their website design. They make use of website features such as event registration and ticketing, a donation form, and an online store to enable these opportunities for support.

Plus, they make it easy to stay up-to-date with organization news by including a newsletter signup form at the bottom of each page on their website and specific event pages for each of the upcoming events.

Our favorite feature? The events page on the HSTC website makes it easy to get an overview of all of the upcoming events hosted by the organization. From this page, you can click on the ones that interest you and immediately get more information, register, purchase tickets, or buy event merch.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

This website was built on Morweb's CMS platform and designed by working with the Morweb agency.

Morweb CMS doesn’t require any coding knowledge, making it perfect for organizations like the HSTC who frequently update their site.

Because the HSTC takes in over 100 animals every month and facilitates just as many adoptions, they must frequently update their website to add new animal profiles for those available for adoption.

Morweb’s easy-to-use CMS is perfect for organizations like the HSTC because their admin staff or volunteers can easily add new events, animals for adoption, or opportunities for support without any coding knowledge.

11. Best Nonprofit Website - Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research

Best nonprofit website example: Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research

Why We Love The Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research’s Web Design

The Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research is the institute behind Ducks Unlimited Canada’s conservation work. The research organization is dedicated to uncovering the unique relationships between wetlands, waterfowl, watershed health, biodiversity and more.

The design for the Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research’s website is quite simple but very appealing. The most impressive part of the design is the homepage banner. As you scroll down the page, ducks in the banner appear to fly through the sky. The mouseover effects in the featured stories are also a nice touch.

The research section allows you to read articles on current and completed studies and filter them by category or researcher. Each article follows a blog format with photos and embedded videos.

Unfortunately, the donation page doesn’t have an online donation option. Interested donors or sponsors are encouraged to call or email the organization’s fundraising manager. Not including an online donation option may lead to missed opportunities as interested donors may find it too much work to reach out and wait for a response.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research developed their nonprofit website on a custom WordPress theme. WordPress is great for custom websites because it is an open source platform with its code freely available for any web developer to use. Developers can customize WordPress sites however they please and choose from thousands of third-party plugins to power their website features.

The main drawback of WordPress is that there is no set website builder for editing. The builder varies greatly by theme and developer. WordPress released the Gutenburg editor in 2018, but it still has a few bugs to work out and may not be ideal for older WordPress themes.

With the large number of WordPress plugins available online, you have many options for the functionality of your nonprofit website. The quality, maintenance and security of each plugin varies greatly so make sure to read reviews first and run regular updates.

12. Best Nonprofit Website: The Voices Project

Best nonprofit website example: The Voices Project

Why We Love The Voices Project’s Web Design

The Voices Project is a grassroots advocacy organization that is changing the way America thinks about addictions recovery, one voice at a time.

It’s clear that storytelling is a main focus of this nonprofit website. As you scroll down the homepage, you are greeted with inviting imagery and blog stories related to their cause. The impact of the advocacy organization’s work is highlighted with a live counter sharing the stark realities of people affected by addiction.

The imagery is effective in conveying the organization’s mission and sharing messages of hope and recovery. The smooth rollover effects and page animations give the site a little extra oomph as you scroll through the content.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Voices Project designed their website with Morweb. The nonprofit was selected as the 2019 winner of Morweb’s Nonprofit Website Giveaway and received a custom design as well as six months of free website hosting.

The Voices Project's website comes with built-in donation capabilities, events registration and blogging tools. Keeping their site updated is very manageable with Morweb’s drag-and-drop editor and intuitive blog engine.

The site administrators can also set user permissions for contributors to the site such as a communications specialist for updating the blog.

13. Best Nonprofit Website - Nonprofit Finance Fund

Best nonprofit website example: Nonprofit Finance Fund

Why We Love Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Web Design

The Nonprofit Finance Fund is a financial management consulting firm and lender that has been serving nonprofit organizations for over 30 years.

Their website is clearly designed with their constituency in mind and features playful graphics of people from all walks of life. The Nonprofit Finance Fund is dedicated to sharing financial expertise with philanthropic organizations of all shapes, sizes, and missions, and their people-focused graphic design aesthetic makes that evident.

While visually impressive, the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s online home is fairly streamlined. Using a simple sans-serif font and a linear website orientation, NFF’s homepage is easy to navigate for new users and keeps important information front-and-center.

We love that they carry their branded colors throughout their entire site. Each page is framed with orange headers and footers, as well as orange accents like icon buttons to help break up the page. This gives the entire site a cohesive air that helps build their organization’s online personality.

Our favorite feature? By using friendly and warm design elements, the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s website does an excellent job of establishing their digital footprint without going overboard with flashy graphics and animations.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Nonprofit Finance Fund built their website using Drupal. Since Drupal is an open source software that’s free to use, your team would have a lot of wiggle room in how you leverage this platform to create your organization’s website. If you’re up for a challenge, this might be seen as a plus.

However, web design consultation and support services aren’t built into a Drupal partnership, and your nonprofit will likely need to hire an outside developer to make any major changes to your nonprofit website once it’s up and running.

14. Best Nonprofit Website - Kode With Klossy

Best nonprofit website example: Kode With Klossy

Why We Love Kode With Klossy’s Web Design

Kode With Klossy is a free summer program started by supermodel Karlie Kloss that teaches young girls how to code and inspire them to pursue a career in technology.

The target audience of the website is clear from the moment you land on the homepage. There is a video banner and engaging photos of Karlie interacting with young girls in the program. The color palette and typography are bright and bubbly to appeal to their students’ demographics.

Our favorite feature? The ‘Apply’ page is very appealing with bright colors and a smooth parallax effect in the background graphic. The application form is clean and intuitive to minimize any hesitation in completing it.

Donations are linked in a sticky button on the right side of the screen which goes to the organization’s GoFundMe page. Kode With Klossy’s online store also links to an offsite Shopify website.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Kode With Klossy built their website using Wix. Wix is a website builder similar to Morweb with prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop editing.

Wix is a great DIY platform, because it comes with dozens of drag-and-drop elements to customize your nonprofit website’s layout. Unlike other website platforms, there aren’t restrictions on where you can drop elements which is a bit of a blessing and a curse. If you’re not familiar with nonprofit web design best practices, it’s easy to make a mess. In this case, it’s probably best to stick to their templates.

One drawback of using Wix for nonprofit web design is that the platform is more catered towards personal portfolios and businesses so it’s lacking some nonprofit-specific functionality. For example, to accept online donations, you’ll need to embed a Donorbox form, add a PayPal button or link to an external site like GoFundMe which isn’t ideal for retaining site visitors.

Kode With Klossy would benefit by bringing their donation page and online store onsite to create a seamless web experience and reduce the number of third-party platform fees.

15. Best Nonprofit Website - Uryadi’s Village

Best nonprofit website example: Uryadi's Village

Why We Love Uryadi’s Village Website Design

Uryadi’s Village is a nonprofit that was founded in 2003 to help orphans and families struggling to survive in Ethiopia.

Their mission to empower the local people to create an orphan village that is self-sustainable and thus not reliant on foreign aid is evident in their work with Wolayta Village, Ethiopia's first self-sustainable orphanage.

Uryadi’s Village’s website highlights their impact in Ethiopia and the great work they are doing through stunning imagery, embedded videos and image galleries. They offer multiple options for support including donations, volunteering and child sponsorships.

Their homepage highlights their mission and initiatives, encouraging website visitors to get involved through donation buttons and a newsletter sign-up.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Uryadi’s Village used Squarespace to build their website. They made use of the CMS platform’s visual elements to create a compelling design and buttons to direct visitors to donation opportunities.

While their website does not support on-site donations, they offer two options to donate in USD or CAD through PayPal. Their child sponsor page gives supporters the opportunity to give an orphaned child a better life and be a part of their story.

Because this organization is run by volunteers, Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for them to keep their website current. This CMS platform’s strict template styling allows volunteers to add new content without compromising the design of the website.

Squarespace offers many features that can be utilized by nonprofits to create an attractive website. However, because it is more catered towards businesses, there are limited donation and events registration options. Nonprofits using this CMS platform must rely on additional plugins or links to third-party platforms for their fundraising and events management needs.

16. Best Nonprofit Website - Minnesota Community Action Partnership

Best nonprofit website: MinnCAP

Why We Love MinnCAP’s Web Design

Minnesota Community Action Partnership (MinnCAP) is a community organization that provides poverty solutions through various programs including homeless prevention, healthcare enrollment, food and nutrition services, early childhood programming, regional transit, and more.

MinnCAP has a beautifully simplistic nonprofit website design with engaging images and graphic elements to convey its mission.

The website incorporates white space to break up the content into an easily digestible format. The navigation is very clean and straightforward, encouraging site visitors to learn more about their many community programs and get in touch with a local agency.

Our favorite feature? The interactive map of MinnCAP member organizations. The local agencies page offers a map search as well as list search to display information about its 35+ members.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

MinnCAP designed its community foundation website with Morweb. Morweb’s agency design services combined with its intuitive CMS allow the community organization to keep its website updated with fresh content and blogs.

17. Best Nonprofit Website - Acumen

Best nonprofit website: Acumen

Why We Love Acumen’s Web Design

Acumen is a non-governmental organization with a vision to help every human being live with dignity by providing access to clean water, electricity, and education.

Acumen’s nonprofit website has beautiful responsive elements that bring the contents of the page to life through animation and zoom effects. The photography is very compelling, and the branding of the website is consistent throughout.

Our favorite feature? Acumen’s ‘Companies’ page shows a list of companies around the world that the nonprofit funds through venture capital. You can sort by sector or region to explore the company profiles.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

Acumen built its NGO website on WordPress. Given the complexity of creating a custom WordPress theme, the organization partnered with a web design agency, Briteweb, to develop the website.

The benefit of building your website on WordPress is its high customizability. The downside, however, is its challenging interface. The CMS isn’t ideal for non-technical people and will likely require a developer to implement regular updates.

Acumen’s donation page is hosted offsite with Classy. WordPress doesn’t offer built-in donation forms, so nonprofits using this CMS need to download a plugin, embed a form, or host their donation page on a third-party platform.

18. Best Nonprofit Website - MEND

Best nonprofit website: MEND Poverty

Why We Love MEND’s Web Design

MEND was started in 1971 by a young couple that was motivated to do something about the poverty they witnessed in the Valley. The nonprofit operates in Pacoima where it provides food, clothing, case management, and support services to low-income individuals and families.

MEND has a strong vision, and the website does an excellent job of conveying it through captivating images and content. The homepage features a sliding image banner showcasing MEND’s volunteers and beneficiaries.

The MEND website offers multiple ways to get involved with the organization and frequent news updates. What’s more, the nonprofit website is designed according to web accessibility best practices to provide a positive user experience for all visitors.

Our favorite feature? MEND’s donation page displays the impact the nonprofit has made over the years and offers different levels of support. Donors have the option to become a monthly donor and dedicate their gift to a loved one.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

MEND designed its website with Morweb. The website makes use of Morweb’s nonprofit features including online donations, volunteer forms and career listings.

Morweb CMS is designed to be easy for non-technical users to update the layout and add new content. Using Morweb’s simple blog engine and drag-and-drop editor, MEND’s staff and volunteers are able to easily add blogs, update text, and insert media.

19. Best Nonprofit Website - buildOn

Best nonprofit website: BuildOn

Why We Love buildOn’s Web Design

BuildOn is a movement dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations around the world. The organization offers Service Learning Programs to mobilize students in under-resourced urban areas and uplift communities.

The organization’s website utilizes captivating videos and imagery to convey its mission and communicate its various programs and services. The navigation menu is a bit confusing to use, because the main pages are highlighted below an image. However, the site does an excellent job of guiding visitors to its donation page.

Our favorite feature? BuildOn has a unique donation page that highlights the organization’s global impact and options for how supporters want their donations to be used. The form itself is extremely straightforward and visually appealing to guide donors through the giving process.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

BuildOn designed its nonprofit website with a custom WordPress template. As we’ve mentioned, WordPress is a great platform for building highly customized websites, because it is open source software with plenty of third-party plugins. Experienced web developers can create just about anything with the right skills and coding knowledge.

20. Best Nonprofit Website - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Best nonprofit website: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Why We Love Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Web Design

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world for more than 20 years.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s website is crisp and modern. On the homepage, site visitors are greeted by a video banner that showcases the incredible work the foundation does around the world.

The nonprofit website’s mega menu offers a simple and visually appealing way to navigate the site. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation incorporates beautiful photography, graphs, and white space to give its website a clean look.

Our favorite feature? The website’s interactive timeline tells the history of the foundation with engaging images and stories. Users can scroll down the page to get a high-level overview of the organization’s growth over the years.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation built its website on Sitecore. Sitecore is a powerful CMS that is ideal for large organizations that require highly customized, interactive features.

The CMS requires a knowledgeable web developer to create the website, and updating it can be tricky for non-technical people. Partnering with a skilled Sitecore web design agency will ensure your nonprofit has the resources to build your nonprofit website and keep it updated.

21. Best Nonprofit Website - Big Island Substance Abuse Council

Best nonprofit website: Big Island Substance Abuse Council

Why We Love Big Island Substance Abuse Council’s Web Design

The Big Island Substance Abuse Council (BISAC) is a nonprofit with a mission to address substance abuse and mental health issues in the State of Hawaiʻi.

BISAC’s website is highly informative and makes use of engaging photos to convey the organization's vision and its dedicated team of staff members and volunteers.

Our favorite feature? BISAC has engaging online forms that are easy to use and visually appealing. The organization has pages for referrals and online donations which are highlighted in the website's navigation menu.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

BISAC designed and developed its nonprofit website with Morweb’s agency design and CMS services. Morweb created a custom website design and integrated nonprofit-specific features to bring the organization’s vision to life.

Morweb specializes in web accessibility for nonprofits and outfitted the website with essential accessibility options to allow people with disabilities to access its content.

22. Best Nonprofit Website - The Guggenheim Museum

Best nonprofit website: The Guggenheim Museum

Why We Love The Guggenheim’s Web Design

The Guggenheim Museum is an internationally renowned art museum and educational institute located in New York.

The Guggenheim’s website has a modern design with a sticky sidebar navigation and eye-catching media to showcase the facilities and art exhibits.

The ‘Art’ page showcases current and past exhibits as well as performance art and community initiatives. The website makes it easy to get involved with the museum through multiple options for membership and an online donation form.

Our favorite feature? The Guggenheim’s calendar page offers a list of upcoming events and filters to help site visitors see all that the museum has to offer.

How They Built This Nonprofit Website

The Guggenheim built its website with Joomla, an open source CMS. Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platforms with a 5.2% global market share. The CMS is a robust platform, but it can be difficult for newbies to learn due to its backend interface. Joomla doesn’t have a built-in drag-and-drop editor but there are downloadable plugins available to get this feature.

The Gist

Making your mark online as a nonprofit shouldn’t seem like it’s out of reach. With the right web design tools and inspiration from your peers, your nonprofit’s website can go above and beyond to engage supporters.

For association web design inspiration, check out our list of top 10 association websites.

Looking to dive a bit deeper into the world of nonprofit web design? You’re in luck! Check out our favorite web design resources for nonprofits just like yours:

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