Healthcare and Hospital Website Design: 10 Gorgeous Examples

author Candace Bozek on April 30, 2020

Best hospital website design example

As the world becomes increasingly digital, hospitals and healthcare centres become more reliant on their websites for furthering their mission. Healthcare organizations’ websites are crucial to how they serve their patients and inspire their supporters because they are often the primary source for communicating information.

When it comes to healthcare websites, a great design is essential but even more important is the platform on which it is built. Healthcare administrators are rarely versed in coding and web design so they need a content management system (CMS) that allows non-technical users to easily make edits and updates to their site.

Particularly during times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, having an easily updatable website is crucial. Morweb is a nonprofit CMS specializing in healthcare website design. Because the platform was built for nonprofits, it has intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and front-end editing to take out any of the guesswork in website design and maintenance.

To help you get inspired with your hospital or healthcare website design, browse through these industry-leading websites by Morweb and find out how you can apply these best practices to your own site.

  1. Friends of Family Health Center
  2. United Medical Centers
  3. West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre
  4. Wayne County Hospital
  5. The Haven
  6. Heritage Hospice
  7. Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center
  8. Hospice of Hope
  9. Good Shepherd Community Care
  10. Kenton Pointe

Best hospital website: Friends of Family Health Center

1. Top Healthcare Website: Friends of Family Health Center

What makes this hospital website special?

The Friends of Family Health Center’s homepage immediately captures your attention with an engaging video banner showcasing the facilities and the people that work there. The health center’s mission is displayed front and center and the navigation is very intuitive, making it easy to explore the site. But the branding is what really stands out on the site: it is very clean and crisp, with the fonts and colors nicely complementing the logo design.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Friends of Family Health Center’s website is a perfect example of a user-centric website design. The entire web experience has been clearly mapped out to guide users through the content. Choosing a website theme with a clean navigation will help you organize your content in a way that is engaging for the user. Furthermore, customizing the branding in your web design will go a long way for the credibility of your site. The health center used one of Morweb’s healthcare themes and customized the branding and functionality to best serve their clients.

Best hospital website: United Medical Centers

2. Top Healthcare Website: United Medical Centers

What makes this healthcare website special?

The United Medical Centers’ website is both informative and intuitive to use. There are clear paths of navigation for current or new potential clients. Current clients can log in to their patient portal or request a prescription refill while new clients can read through numerous resources and service pages.

The medical center organization has multiple locations throughout Texas, which are showcased nicely with an interactive map on the homepage and location page. Their careers page appears to be a high priority for them; the organization showcases their medical career opportunities in a clean blog format.

What can your organization learn from this site’s healthcare web design?

United Medical Centers’ client-first approach is evident throughout their web design. Their site is packed with helpful information and well-organized. The healthcare organization is smart to highlight its patient portal in a button outside of the navigation menu so that it’s easily accessible from any page. Your organization should link to its most important page in a button and ensure that it is responsive on mobile devices.

Morweb’s map module is a great addition to healthcare websites with multiple locations. Users can easily click through each health center and find a location nearest them. Choosing a CMS with built-in healthcare features simplifies the web development process and allows you to keep visitors on your site without having to redirect them to third-party platforms.

Best hospital website: West Coast Endodontics

3. Top Healthcare Website: West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre

What makes this healthcare website special?

West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre is a dental health organization with a very clean, minimalistic website design. The stunning banner images speak to the organization’s clients, who are based in Burnaby, British Columbia. The website’s use of white space helps break up the text and images in a way that’s easy to follow. One unique design element is the page titles that are cut into the banner images with thick, white type. The style of typography and color palette adds to the branding of the dental organization.

West Coast Endodontics does a great job of guiding site visitors through their content. The website layout features a simple navigation menu with a bright call-to-action in the header, allowing site visitors to book an appointment online. From the moment you land on the site, there is a clear path to becoming a client.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

West Coast Endodontic’s website was built on Morweb CMS based on a custom healthcare theme. The dental organization took a page out of the nonprofit playbook by highlighting their most important page in the navigation menu with a button. Your clinic can learn from this site’s layout as to how to present information in a very readable format by incorporating white space and engaging photography.

Best hospital website: Wayne County Hospital

4. Top Healthcare Website: Wayne County Hospital

What makes this hospital website special?

Wayne County Hospital has a very simple, yet effective website layout. The navigation menu and featured content on the homepage guide new site visitors through the hospital’s various services and engagement opportunities. The volunteer sign-up is especially nice: it features testimonials from current volunteers and a simplified registration form.

The hospital used its own photography rather than stock photos, which gives the website a more genuine feel. The careers page is highlighted in the navigation menu and the footer offers quick links to important pages, making the site very accessible.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Wayne County Hospital’s website excels in web accessibility. The simple navigation and clean layout make the site easy to use and find information. Their use of imagery does a great job of complementing their website’s content. Your clinic can emulate this website by using a similar healthcare website theme and customizing it for your organization. Morweb’s theme templates give an easy-to-follow guideline for designing your healthcare website.

Best hospital website: The Haven

5. Top Healthcare Website: The Haven

What makes this healthcare website special?

The Haven is an addictions treatment center and sober living home. The branding and color palette really makes it stand out as a top healthcare website. All of the graphic elements and mouse-over effects fit together seamlessly to tell the story of the center and its patients. The Haven makes use of image galleries, featured blog posts, testimonial sliders and embedded videos on the homepage to guide site visitors through their service offerings. The center’s on-site donation page matches the branding of the website and simplifies the donation process with minimal fields and suggested donation amounts.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

The Haven had a clear vision for the branding of their site and the messaging they wanted to convey. Their use of imagery is consistent and visually appealing. Having a clear vision for your brand from the start is essential for building a strong healthcare website. The addiction center’s choice to host their donation form through their website is smart for maintaining trust and keeping donors on their site for longer. The organization integrated its Morweb donation form with a secure payment processor for nonprofits.

Best hospital website: Heritage Hospice

6. Top Healthcare Website: Heritage Hospice

What makes this healthcare website special?

Heritage Hospice’s use of bright colors and joyful imagery creates a friendly appeal for a hospice website. The overall web design is very inviting and the layout is easy to follow. The nice balance of text and images make the content easily digestible for readers.

Heritage Hospice’s website includes an online donation feature, which is highlighted at the top of the navigation menu in a red button. The donation page has a user-friendly design with suggested donation amounts, donation dedications and a recurring donation option. The News and Events page follows a blog format so it is easy for the hospice to post frequent updates.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Heritage Hospice’s website is visually appealing on all fronts. They have a beautiful mix of content and imagery to best communicate their message. While they chose to use stock photos over their own photography, they did a great job of selecting images that fit their brand and convey a positive message. Your clinic should select photos that are cohesive and work together to tell the story of your organization.

Best hospital website: Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center

7. Top Healthcare Website: Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center

What makes this healthcare website special?

The Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center is one of the best-designed emergency services websites out there. The video banner immediately captures your attention and as you scroll further down the homepage, responsive elements bring the site to life. You can see a live counter for emergency services and an interactive map of communities they serve.

The alert banner at the top is a nice touch for a public health and safety website because it allows the organization to easily communicate urgent information to site visitors.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

The communication center’s stunning photography and videos provide a great lesson for other healthcare organizations. Rather than using generic stock photography, the website features real emergency responders working within their community. The Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center designed their website based on a Morweb healthcare theme. By choosing an easily editable CMS, the communication center is able to make immediate updates without needing to contact a developer.

Best hospital website: Hospice of Hope

8. Top Healthcare Website: Hospice of Hope

What makes this hospice website special?

The branding and imagery are really strong on this hospice website. Hospice of Hope’s content is presented in a very straightforward yet engaging format. Their homepage features image galleries, custom iconography and an embedded video to convey the benefits of their organization and the stories of the people they serve.

The layout of this Morweb theme is very clean and easy to navigate. The homepage features recent blog articles and a live social media feed that keep the content fresh and interesting for returning visitors. The donation page has a minimalistic design with a beautiful header image and simple form fields.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Hospice of Hope does a great job of laying out their website. The hospice customized a Morweb healthcare theme to match their brand colors and equipped their site with important functionality including a blog engine and online donation form. Your clinic can gather ideas from this web design for creating a clean layout to showcase your content.

Best hospital website: Good Shepherd Community Care

9. Top Healthcare Website: Good Shepherd Community Care

What makes this healthcare website special?

Good Shepherd Community Care’s website has a beautifully understated design. The care center’s website has tons of subtle design elements that bring their content to life. The homepage features an interactive map, live counter, featured articles and a social media live feed to encourage site visitors to explore the site and get involved.

One of the best aspects of this healthcare website is the navigation menu. Good Shepherd does a great job of highlighting important pages in the form of buttons. Their contact information is easy to find in the utility menu and footer so it is easily accessible from every page. The top menu also includes a web accessibility widget and Google Translate option that allows site visitors to adjust the page viewing settings to their unique needs.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Good Shepherd Community Care does a great job of breaking up their content and incorporating their own photos. The layout is very readable and the branding is clean and crisp. The addition of web accessibility features is great for an organization that serves an older audience who may have visual impairments. The care center’s website was built on the Morweb platform which specializes in web accessibility for nonprofit organizations.

Best hospital website: Kenton Pointe Assisted Living Facility

10. Top Healthcare Website: Kenton Pointe

What makes this healthcare website special?

Kenton Pointe is a luxury assisted living facility located in Kentucky. The organization’s site is effective in communicating the benefits of the facility and showcasing what it is like to live there. The homepage highlights the news and event pages, which offer multiple ways to get involved with the organization as well as a social media live feed to show that they are active online.

What can your own clinic learn from this top site?

Kenton Pointe’s website design stays true to their brand and features real photography of the facility and clients. The organization built their website using one of Morweb’s healthcare themes by customizing the brand colors and content. The non-serif font and short paragraphs make the text easy to read and understand. Other clinics can learn from the beauty of simplicity in their site design.

The Gist

Your healthcare organization’s online presence is a crucial part of attracting and retaining clients and supporters. At the center of a strong online presence is a well-designed website. The top healthcare websites have intuitive navigation, clear branding, powerful functionality and easy updating capabilities. This all comes down to choosing the right CMS platform. These Morweb examples demonstrate that building your website on a CMS with built-in healthcare features will ensure that you’ll get the right design templates and functionality to create a powerful hospital website.

Learn more about how Morweb can help your healthcare organization’s website become like these other top sites. Book a free consultation with the Morweb team today.

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