How to Update a PDF Menu

author Candace Bozek on July 6, 2020

Update PDF menu

Step 1: Update Navigation Menu

1. Upload the PDF menu to the media gallery 'Menus'. Follow best practices for file naming and put underscores between words in the file name. eg) Outdoor_Menu_2020.pdf

Menu file name

2. Go to the front end of your website

3. Click the edit icon in your navigation menu

Edit navigation menu

4. Click on 'Menu' and update the PDF file name

Select Target > Blank to open the PDF in a new window

Keep /files/galleries/ and .pdf in the URL

eg) /files/galleries/menu_name.pdf

Menu file name

5. Click 'Save'

Step 2: Update Menu Icon

1. Go to the backend of your website and click on 'Media' to go to your media galleries

2. Select the 'General Images' gallery

Media general gallery

3. Select the menuIcon.png image

Menu icon

4. Go to the 'Description' tab

5. Update the URL to your new menu file name

Icon description tab

6. Click 'Save'

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