How to Link to a PDF

author Murad Bushnaq on July 5, 2019

1. Write the text you want to link to the PDF.

2. Highlight the text and select 'Insert/edit link' in the text editor

Morweb text editor, highlighting text to link

3. Select the PDF you want to link to or type /files/galleries/ + the name of the file + .pdf

eg) /files/galleries/name_of_file.pdf

Note: if the PDF is a private document, type /download/galleries/ before the PDF name. For private documents, your gallery permission should be set for those users.

Morweb text editor: adding a URL

PDF Naming Tips:

  • Put underscores between words in your file name eg) name_of_file.pdf
  • DO NOT use special characters such as ()%$*!

4. Select Target > New window to have your PDF open in a new tab.

5. Click Ok > Apply

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