How to Edit Your Donation Form

Nabil Bushnaq
October 17, 2019

1. Go to your donation page and click the gear icon of your donation form.

Edit Morweb donation form

2. Select the settings for your donation form.

Select donation settings

  • Submit to list: controls what list in the Contacts section this data will be saved to. Selecting a list that is not specifically made for a donate form may cause errors.
  • Message: controls the message that will appear on the page after a user submits the form
  • Redirect: if you enter a URL here, the site will redirect to that page after a user submits the form.
  • Template: chooses what template will be used for the confirmation email
  • Subject: the subject of the confirmation email
  • CC to Admin: if this is selected, the confirmation email will be CC'd to the email address on the list

3. Set the Template options for your donation form.

Select donation template

  • Amount Values: controls the values of the amount buttons at the top of the form.
  • Allow Custom Amount: controls whether the "Other" button appears.
  • Amount Styles: chooses what the suggested amount buttons will look like.
  • Recurring Type: the options that will be available for recurring payments.
    • Standard is the most basic.
    • Advanced adds more options (these are typically custom and are added by us).
    • Forced means all donations will be recurring.
    • Disabled means the recurring checkbox won't show.
  • Recurring Plan: controls the default for how often the recurring payment will be charged and when payments will stop.
  • Allow Custom Count: allows the user to enter how many months they'd like the recurring payments to occur for.
  • Label: controls what the Submit button will say. If nothing is entered it will say Submit.
  • Align: controls whether the form will appear to the left, right, or center
  • Captcha: controls whether a captcha field will appear at the bottom of the form
  • Mailing Address: controls whether address fields will appear (since you've added your own in the morweb form, you don't need to use this)
  • Anonymous Option: controls whether the checkbox for an anonymous donation is shown.
  • Dedicate Option: controls whether the fields for the donation dedication will appear
  • Gift Designation: controls whether the gift designation dropdown will appear
  • Newsletter Subscription: controls whether the checkbox for subscribing to your newsletter will be shown.

4. Set up your fundraising template *if applicable*.

Note: These can only be used with a specific fundraising template. If you're not sure if a template has this functionality, ask us before using it.

Donation fundraising settings

  • Select Graph Type: select the template you want to use to display data
  • Goal Amount: your fundraising goal
  • Starting Amount: the amount at the start of your fundraising campaign
  • Sponsored Amount: the amount donated by sponsors
  • Display Progress As: determines whether the total amount raised will be displayed as a number or a percentage
  • Days to Go: how many days are left on your campaign
  • Milestone Value: values in your fundraising that you consider milestones
  • Milestone Title: the title of that milestone

5. Select the Payment options for your donation form.

Note: If you are setting up your payment processor for the first time, please contact us for help at

Select payment settings

  • Payment Service: the payment processor you use.
    Note: changing this to a service you are not using WILL cause payments to bounce. Do not change this unless you are absolutely sure you have set up that processor correctly.
  • Sandbox: used for testing purposes. Payments will NOT be processed if the form is in Sandbox Mode. If you need to test the system, best practice is to temporarily unpublish the page.
  • Bank Draft: allows a user to bypass the credit card form and receive an invoice for the donation.
  • Payroll Deduction: used for corporate giving to allow users to select how much they would like to give each pay period.
  • Currency: the currency the payments will be processed in.
  • Order Description: a description of the payment that will appear in their receipt.
  • Min/Max Amount: the minimum or maximum amount a person can donate in a single transaction.
  • Override Amount: an alternative to the amount buttons, you can enter an amount here instead of having users select an amount. For example, if you want all donations on a form to be $100, you would enter that amount here and delete the values from the Amount Values field on the Template page.

6. Click 'Apply'.


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