How to Add Image Alt-Text

author Murad Bushnaq on July 9, 2020

Adding image alt-text example

Image alt-text is important for accessibility and search engine optimization. Learn how to add alt-text to your images in Morweb.

Image Blocks

1. Hover over the image and select the gear icon

gear icon

2. Write your alt-text, be as descriptive as possible

alt text example

3. Apply

Header Images

1. Right click on the header image and select 'Properties' or click the gear icon

2. Write your alt-text

Content Images

1. Highlight your image within the text editor

2. Click 'Insert/edit image'

Content image alt text

3. Write your alt-text under 'Image description'

4. Click 'Ok'

Blog Headers

1. Add your blog header under the 'Media' tab

2. Go to the 'Custom' tab and write your alt-text description of the image

Custom tab

3. Save

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