4 Ways Nonprofits Can Make Giving Back Easy For Companies

4 Ways Nonprofits Can Make Giving Back Easy For Companies
Murad Bushnaq
April 5, 2024

Nonprofits and companies often seem worlds apart. Your nonprofit can bridge that gap, though! By guiding companies through the maze of corporate philanthropy logistics, you can make it remarkably easy for them to leave their mark on the world. Companies want to align with meaningful causes like yours, and simplifying the giving process can help kickstart lasting relationships.

By specifically encouraging their employees to get involved, you can strengthen your corporate ties, broaden your base of support, and increase your nonprofit’s capacity. From online donations to corporate volunteerism, you have plenty of chances to simplify workplace giving. Now, let’s make corporate giving less complicated, so you can make a bigger difference for your cause!

Grow Donations With Matching Gifts.

Matching gift programs make donations go further. When a company offers this program, they’ll match their employees’ charitable contributions. It’s one of the easiest ways for companies to give back while supporting their employees’ interests outside of the office.

There’s just one challenge: not all employees know their companies offer matching gift programs. Chances are, donors will want to double their contributions. Here’s how to proactively pursue these employee giving programs:

  • Search your donor database. Research the companies your donors work for and contact match-eligible supporters. Matching gift platforms automate outreach to simplify the identification process, so use yours to notify eligible donors and encourage others to check their eligibility.

An email prompting a donor to research their eligibility for corporate matching gifts.

  • Help companies set up matching gift programs. If several donors work for a company that doesn’t offer matching gifts, reach out to those companies to encourage them to set one up. Even if they can’t launch a full-blown program, they might create a custom program exclusively for your nonprofit.
  • Include a company search tool on your donation form. When you do this, donors can instantly check their employers’ matching gift policies. If eligible, they may donate more than originally planned.
  • Implement auto-submission. FundraisingIP’s workplace giving guide explains auto-submission in detail, but here’s the gist: This feature removes a step in the matching gift process, making employee giving even easier. Ensure your matching gift software supports auto-submission and is compatible with companies' CSR platforms. Then, donors can opt into automatic matching gift requests when donating. That means less work for donors, fewer errors on match requests for companies, and more money for your nonprofit!

These strategies make it easier for donors to participate in matching gift programs, maximizing the benefits for both your nonprofit and your corporate partners’ employees.

Feature Workplace Giving Opportunities on Your Website.

Your nonprofit website is valuable for fundraising and spreading awareness for your cause. As an essential component of your online presence, it’s the perfect spot to feature workplace giving opportunities.

Here are a few ways to use your website to encourage and simplify employee giving:

  • Add workplace giving to your Ways to Give page. Share different ways companies and their employees can contribute. Include sections for matching gifts, volunteer opportunities, payroll deductions, and more. You might link to a separate corporate partnership page that explains these impactful yet complex programs.
  • Post on your blog. Feature companies that have impacted your work. Share metrics about these programs and stories about donors who have elevated their impact through workplace giving. Be sure to share step-by-step instructions on leveraging these opportunities. Whatever your approach, your website builder should make it easy to post these updates paired with lively videos and infographics.
  • Feature an event calendar. An interactive calendar allows companies and their employees to view upcoming fundraising and volunteer events. Include informative descriptions and sign-up links. Your CMS may even allow you to add social sharing options and enable participants to add events to their personal calendars.

Feature an events calendar on your website to make it easy for businesses and employees to attend.Your website is one of your nonprofit’s most powerful tools. People will visit it to learn more about getting involved, so make sure you include it in your corporate giving marketing efforts.

Host Joint CSR Events.

Chances are, you offer sponsorship opportunities for your fundraising events. Why not go one step further by hosting a joint event with a company?

Commonly called a CSR event, this is a sponsored activity a company organizes to positively impact a cause. For instance, the company might host a fun run benefitting your nonprofit. These events can encourage more meaningful participation from company employees.

Try these strategies to make organizing co-hosted events a breeze:

  • Choose the right event. It should align with your shared goals and appeal to your target audience. Whether it's a gala, charity run, volunteer day, or fundraising auction, the format should cater to the interests of both parties.
  • Work with the company to define objectives and roles. Goals should be mutually beneficial, such as raising awareness about a shared cause, generating funds, or engaging the community. Clearly outline each party's responsibilities, including logistics, marketing, and financial contributions. This will help avoid confusion and ensure a smooth planning process.
  • Provide meaningful involvement opportunities for employees. Maybe they’ll join the event planning committee to share ideas and expertise, such as selecting a theme or hashing out logistics. Perhaps they’ll market the event or volunteer to set up, check attendees in, and help with cleanup.

Morweb’s Events Module makes it easy to create beautiful event pages that simplify the registration process. Create a visually pleasing page for your CSR event that features a title, date, images, description, and custom registration form. With easy social sharing, you and your corporate partner can share your event to boost attendance and employee participation.

After your event wraps up, publicly thank your corporate partner for their hands-on role. You might also send thoughtful thank-you letters to anyone from the company who participated. Be sure to share detailed reports about the event’s impact.

Help Facilitate Employee Volunteer Programs.

Employee giving is more than just fundraising. Volunteerism is a wonderful way to grow individuals’ connections to your cause, so work with your corporate partners to create volunteer programs that inspire employee participation.

Here are a few key initiatives to bring up in these conversations:

  • Team Volunteer Days: Offer to organize volunteer days for corporate teams, making it easy for companies to engage in team-building while contributing to the community. Suggest volunteer projects that can serve as team-building exercises. After all, 360MatchPro’s corporate volunteerism guide shares that 64% of employees believe volunteering with coworkers strengthens their relationships.
  • Skills-Based Volunteering: Promote opportunities for professionals to contribute their skills pro bono. For instance, employees can offer their marketing skills to create social media campaigns or their financial skills to host budgeting workshops.
  • Volunteer Grants: Through these programs, companies donate to nonprofits where employees volunteer regularly. Typically, they provide donations on an hourly basis, such as $25 per hour. Encourage companies to offer these programs to encourage their employees to volunteer outside of official corporate volunteer days.
  • Volunteer Time Off (VTO): Sometimes, volunteering doesn’t fit into people’s busy schedules. Encourage companies to offer VTO, so employees can volunteer during work hours without giving up part of their paychecks.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to involve people in your cause. For individuals, it can be incredibly rewarding and doesn’t require them to give financially. Work with your corporate partners to lower the barriers to participating.

The Gist

Make giving back more accessible for companies and their employees with the tips we’ve shared. Be proactive about reaching out to companies and seeking innovative ways to engage their employees in philanthropy.

Remember to capitalize on existing opportunities, such as by reaching out to match-eligible donors. Then, work with companies to develop new programs that their employees are excited about. In no time, more corporate donors and volunteers will support your cause.

Murad Bushnaq
Murad Bushnaq is the Founder and CEO of Morweb. Since its inception in 2014, Murad has acted as Creative Director and Chief Technologist to help nonprofits spread their vision online through engaging design, intuitive software, and strategic communication.
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