Choosing the Best Membership Management Software: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Best Membership Management Software: A Comprehensive Guide
Murad Bushnaq
March 24, 2024

In today's competitive online landscape, organizations strive to capture and retain members' attention effectively. Choosing the right membership management software is crucial for organizational success, from personalized programs to easy communication channels.

A strong membership management system is essential for organizations focused on gaining and keeping members, as many membership coordinators in various fields agree. According to recent studies, upgrading membership management software ranks high as the most impactful technology investment, with 26% of associations and membership organizations identifying it as such.

For these organizations, membership software serves as the cornerstone of services and benefits offered to members. Without a dedicated system or with inadequate software, there's a risk of losing member engagement, donation opportunities, and mismanagement of events and volunteer activities.

Given the abundance of membership apps and tools available, selecting the most suitable one tailored to organizational needs can significantly enhance operational efficiency and member satisfaction. This comprehensive guide presents nine leading solutions categorized for easy comparison, accompanied by an insightful Membership Management Q&A section.

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Membership Management Q&A
  2. The #1 Membership Management Software
  3. Other Great Membership Software

At Morweb, we're dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive online, and this guide aims to assist in finding the perfect membership management software tailored to unique organizational requirements.
Let's start by looking at the basics.

Let's explore commonly asked questions about membership management software.

Membership Management FAQs

Whether you're a first-time buyer or considering switching systems, familiarizing yourself with common questions can guide you in selecting the right solution for your needs. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate your search confidently:

1. How do you organize membership information?

Handling member information manually gets harder as your supporter base grows. Utilize a member database to centralize all member data, including contact details, dues information, event attendance, and engagement history. Many software solutions offer filtering and segmentation tools to efficiently organize members into meaningful groups.

2. What is membership management software?

Membership management software is a dedicated system designed to assist associations, clubs, and member-based organizations in managing their membership programs and enhancing member engagement. This software consolidates member contact details, tracks interactions manages dues, and streamlines staff interactions with members in a unified platform.

3. How does the software handle data security and compliance?

In an era of heightened data privacy concerns, ensuring that your membership management software adheres to industry standards and regulations is paramount. Look for features such as encryption, access controls, and compliance with GDPR or other applicable data protection laws to safeguard member information.

4. Can the software integrate with other tools and platforms?

Efficient operations often rely on seamless integration with existing tools and platforms. Assess whether the membership management software can integrate with your organization's CRM system, email marketing platform, payment gateways, and other essential tools to streamline processes and data management.

5. What level of technical support and training is provided?

User adoption and proficiency are crucial for maximizing the benefits of membership management software. Evaluate the availability of technical support, training resources, and documentation provided by the software vendor to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing support for your staff.

By incorporating these additional considerations into your evaluation process, you can make informed decisions and select a membership management software that not only meets your current requirements but also aligns with your organization's long-term goals and technological advancements.

Morweb is the best membership management software for all organizations.

Morweb: The Leading Membership Management Software Solution

When it comes to comprehensive membership management platforms, Morweb stands out as the top choice for mission-driven organizations. Designed to facilitate the growth of membership offerings, Morweb simplifies the process of acquiring new supporters and nurturing existing members, all while enhancing online visibility.

What Sets Morweb Apart?

Morweb provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help organizations strengthen their online presence and enhance engagement with members. Central to Morweb's offerings are its integrated content management system (CMS) and Association Management System (AMS). These systems are supported by customizable modules, enabling organizations to adapt the platform to fit their specific needs. With Morweb, you can expect a membership management system tailored to your unique workflows and a custom-designed association website that effectively communicates the value you offer to your members.

With Morweb, managing your website content and mmembership database is streamlined, enabling you to quickly manage membership data, renewals, events, directories, resources and much more. With Morweb you'll provide your members with a website that truly reflects the value of your association's community — all from a centralized platform.

Key Features of Morweb:

We’ve built out our platform to include all of the essential features associations and other member-based organizations need to grow their member bases. The platform’s top membership management features include:

  • Content Management: Easily create mobile-friendly, engaging membership websites using customizable templates and multimedia content.
  • Streamlined Member Application Forms: Whether you need a simple or complex multi-step form with online payment, file uploads or conditional fields, Morweb can provide AMS level application forms.
  • Easy Setup of Member Levels & Pricing: Custom-designed online pricing pages highlight benefits and convert users with a streamlined registration and payment process.
  • Custom Membership Portal: Provide an engaging member portal landing experience that visually displays news, resources, events, directories and more.
  • Member Directory and Map: Effortlessly organize members into a searchable directory and display them on an interactive map for easy networking.
  • Intranet and Private Pages: Encourage internal communication and collaboration with password-protected pages, resources, event registrations, and job boards.
  • Event Management and Registration: Simplify event management with comprehensive event pages, allowing members to register, RSVP and purchase tickets directly.
  • Fundraising Capabilities: Maximize revenue generation through intuitive donation forms that seamlessly integrate across all devices.
  • Export Custom Reports: Export custom reports based on data like member status, geographical location, payment amounts, dates and more.


Morweb Pricing:

Experience all these exceptional features at an affordable price point, with Morweb's membership management software starting at just $199 per month. This competitive pricing, coupled with unparalleled functionality, makes Morweb the ideal solution for organizations seeking to elevate their membership programs. Take advantage of our free trial option to explore Morweb's capabilities risk-free before making a commitment.

Click through to learn how Morweb can help you build a great membership website.

Check out these other excellent membership management software solutions.

Explore Other Membership Software Solutions

In addition to Morweb, Fonteva stands out as a top contender in the realm of membership management software, particularly tailored for organizations leveraging Salesforce CRM. Here's an overview of Fonteva's offerings:

Fonteva: Revolutionizing Association Management with Salesforce Integration

Fonteva harnesses the power of Salesforce, the world's leading CRM platform, to deliver robust association management solutions. Designed for medium to large associations with 10 or more staff users, Fonteva seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, providing organizations with a comprehensive suite of features to foster member relationships and amplify their cause's visibility.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Member CRM: Gain unparalleled insight into member engagement with a comprehensive 360-degree view, including engagement scoring to identify at-risk members.
  • Member Portal: Customize public or private microsites effortlessly, complete with online directories for chapters, committees, and business groups.Event Management: Streamline event planning with customizable registration features, attendee management, speaker coordination, and mobile app integration for enhanced attendee experience.
  • Reporting: Access real-time analytics through intuitive dashboards, empowering organizations to set and measure KPIs and track every member interaction efficiently.

Fonteva's Membership Management Tools in Action:

Fonteva equips organizations with a suite of membership management tools designed to streamline operations and drive growth.


Fonteva Pricing:

For personalized pricing information tailored to your organization's specific needs, we recommend reaching out to Fonteva's dedicated team.

Regpack: Tailored Membership Software for Event Planners

Regpack emerges as a trusted solution for many organizations, seamlessly integrating membership management and renewals into a unified platform. Here's a closer look at what Regpack has to offer:

Regpack: Streamlined Membership Management and Renewals

Regpack's appeal lies in its comprehensive integration capabilities, coupled with advanced form-building functionalities and seamless recurring billing features. Organizations leverage Regpack to effortlessly embed forms and processes into their existing websites, simplifying event registration, enrollment, and online course sign-ups.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated Membership Renewals: Take the hassle out of dues collection with automated recurring billing. Seamlessly integrate Regpack's payment processor into your membership website to facilitate secure online transactions, complete with automated receipts and payment confirmations.
  • Customized Forms: Streamline the member application process with intuitive online forms, tailored to meet the unique needs of each membership tier. Regpack's customizable sign-up forms empower organizations to create a seamless enrollment experience for members, ideal for managing online course registrations and event sign-ups.
  • Member Communication: Enhance member engagement with personalized communication. From automated payment reminders to targeted emails, Regpack equips organizations with the tools to foster meaningful connections with members.

Regpack's Membership Management Tools in Action:

Regpack simplifies event planning and membership management with a suite of innovative features designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance member experiences:


Regpack Pricing:

Visit Regpack's pricing page for pricing information.

OmegaFi: Tailored Membership Management for Greek Organizations

OmegaFi emerges as a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for fraternities and sororities, integrating membership management with financial oversight and communication tools. Here's a closer look at what sets OmegaFi apart:

OmegaFi: Elevating Greek Organization Management

Designed with the unique needs of Greek organizations in mind, OmegaFi combines membership management functionalities with robust financial management and communication features. Chapter leaders can seamlessly monitor members' financial information and personal details, facilitating efficient oversight and intervention when needed. Additionally, OmegaFi's communication tools, including a dedicated mobile app, empower chapter officers to coordinate meetings, plan events, send reminders, and maintain alumni relations with ease.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Financial Management: Streamline dues management with OmegaFi's comprehensive financial tools. From reviewing member dues and charges to facilitating online payments and fundraising, OmegaFi equips chapter officers with budgeting tools to track finances and reallocate funds as needed throughout the semester.
  • Member Communication: Foster strong connections within your chapter through personalized communication channels. OmegaFi enables chapter officers to send mass emails and texts, while also providing a centralized platform for announcements, event updates, and idea sharing, keeping members engaged between meetings.
  • Recruitment Support: Simplify recruitment efforts with OmegaFi's recruitment tools, allowing chapters to track and analyze recruitment data, organize potential new members (PNMs), and streamline voting processes. With features like the slideshow creator, OmegaFi facilitates seamless candidate evaluation and selection.

OmegaFi's Membership Management Tools in Action:

Empower your Greek organization with OmegaFi's comprehensive suite of membership management solutions, designed to streamline operations, foster member engagement, and drive organizational success:


OmegaFi Pricing:

OmegaFi offers customized pricing based on organization-specific needs and feature requirements. Contact the OmegaFi team to receive a personalized quote and explore how OmegaFi can optimize your Greek organization's management processes.

Boardable: Streamlined Membership Management for Boards

What is Boardable?

Boardable offers membership management software tailored specifically for board operations, facilitating seamless coordination of board meetings, fostering remote connectivity, and driving organizational progress. Exclusively designed for boards within mission-driven organizations and corporations, Boardable provides a comprehensive solution to cultivate collaboration and motivation among board members.

Crafted with a focus on functionality and user experience, Boardable enables centralized communication and operational efficiency through a range of features, including document sharing, task management, voting tools, a virtual meeting platform, and more.

With Boardable's online communication portal and mobile app, staff, committee members, and board directors can collaborate instantaneously, empowering your board to maximize productivity and governance efficiency.

Key Features of Boardable Membership:

Boardable offers essential features to enhance board functionality, including:

  • Meetings Center: Utilize automated meeting scheduling to swiftly identify optimal meeting times. Access dashboards displaying upcoming meetings, agendas, scheduled polls, and pending tasks. Additionally, Boardable provides a dedicated virtual meeting platform equipped with advanced video conferencing technology.
  • Virtual Voting: Simplify decision-making processes by facilitating virtual voting on critical items. Enable anonymous voting for sensitive matters, promoting active participation and engagement among board members, whether in-person or remotely.
  • Task Manager: Enhance productivity and accountability by assigning tasks to individual board members. Accessible task lists and due dates on personalized dashboards streamline task management, enabling quick identification of priorities and follow-up actions.


Boardable pricing:

Visit Boardable pricing page for pricing information.

Doubleknot: Streamlined Membership Management for Cultural Organizations

What is Doubleknot?

Managing a cultural organization entails numerous tasks, and Doubleknot offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of zoos and museums. From sales to program management, Doubleknot provides all the essential tools required for efficient operations. Among its robust features, Doubleknot includes dedicated membership management software, ensuring seamless organization and engagement of members.

Whether your organization has 10 members or 10,000, Doubleknot simplifies the process of member recruitment, recognition, and retention at every interaction point. By leveraging the optional integration with the Doubleknot CRM, all member interactions and payments are consolidated into a centralized database, providing a comprehensive overview of your donor base.

Key Features of Doubleknot Membership:

Doubleknot offers a range of features to optimize your cultural organization's membership program, including:

  • Simplified Membership Sales: Streamline the process of selling memberships by showcasing potential savings for visitors and automatically applying new member benefits upon signup.
  • Renewal Management: Enhance member satisfaction by enabling staff to greet members by name and prompt follow-ups for memberships in the renewal period or expired.
  • Member Benefits: Provide enticing perks such as discounts on purchases, free guest passes, priority registration, and exclusive events to encourage visitor conversion into long-term members.
  • Donations: Recognize potential donors among members and visitors, facilitating easy donation processes through the point-of-sale software.

Doubleknot's membership management software is tailored specifically for cultural organizations.


Doubleknot Pricing:

For pricing inquiries, please contact for a personalized quote.

CommunityPass: Empowering Recreation Centers with Membership Software

What is CommunityPass?

CommunityPass stands out as a leading cloud-based membership management software tailored specifically for recreation centers. With a strong emphasis on community-building, CommunityPass serves various markets, including parks and recreation, aquatics and pools, sports leagues, and schools. Having operated in this space since 2002, the CommunityPass team has refined its solution based on extensive firsthand experience and user feedback.

Organizations relying on CommunityPass can establish and maintain comprehensive systems for member needs, including key cards, guest passes, check-in and check-out processes, and class/program sign-ups. Through a diverse array of scheduling features, member management options, and administrative tools, CommunityPass empowers recreation centers to foster strong relationships within their communities.

CommunityPass prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring that even non-technical users can navigate the software effortlessly. This approach allows organizations to spend less time grappling with technology and more time engaging with their community members effectively.

Key Features of CommunityPass Membership:

CommunityPass offers a range of features designed to enhance the membership experience for both staff and members, including:

Online Registration: Simplify the signup process with online registration for member programs and other offerings. Accept payments via various methods and set eligibility requirements for each form to streamline the signup process.
Program Management: Centralize all program details with enhanced security measures to safeguard member information. Streamline communication by sending targeted messages, notifications of cancellations, and renewal announcements effortlessly.
Financial Management: Generate detailed, custom reports for financial data, track deposits and transfers, reconcile collections with registrations, and manage concessions and merchandise sales efficiently. CommunityPass also facilitates invoicing and collection notices to individuals.
CommunityPass is an ideal choice for recreation centers seeking robust membership management software.


CommunityPass Pricing:

Subscription-based recreation software packages start at $3,450. For detailed pricing information, please contact CommunityPass directly.

Glue Up - Membership Software for Chambers of Commerce

What is Glue Up?

Glue Up (formerly EventBank) is a cloud-based engagement management platform designed for large Chambers of Commerce with dozens of chapters. With clients in 60+ countries, this solution integrates event management, membership management, customer relationship management, email campaigns, and payment processing — all in one convenient platform.

Glue Up makes it easy to funnel new members through the digital application process and keep them around. Information automatically syncs across the platform from the very start of the application process, so you can connect with members on a personal level no matter how large your organization is.

This platform automates the busywork so you can focus on growing your Chamber of Commerce and improving your business community. Streamline your membership management processes, maximize retention, and pamper your members with an exceptional experience.

Glue Up’s key membership features

Glue Up empowers Chambers of Commerces with powerful features like:

  • Renewal management. Quickly alert your team to outstanding payments and set up automatic reminders to members via emails and push notifications. Members can set up recurring payments so they never miss a payment and can eliminate extra manual work.
  • A business directory. Like Morweb, Glue Up offers a directory, where organizers can view member information and connect with members. Use search filters to narrow down results and identify specific types of members.
  • Event management. Whether online or offline, your team can manage hundreds of events from initial planning to follow-up after the event. Leverage professional event templates, send invitations, run targeted campaigns, and send post-event surveys to gauge satisfaction.
  • Mobile apps. Your members can use the mobile app to receive messages, register for events, edit profile information, and manage their subscriptions. They can easily pay their membership dues via credit cards, wire transfers, and other digital payment gateways. Glue Up also offers a separate app for organizers.


Glue Up pricing

Glue Up offers different pricing models based on the features you need. Contact their team for a quote.

Arbox - Membership Software for Fitness Clubs

What is Arbox?

Arbox is a cloud-based management platform that automates processes and streamlines operations for fitness clubs, yoga/pilates studios, MMA clubs, and gyms. They offer everything you need to keep your fitness organization up and running, including the tools necessary for effective membership management.

The system was designed by people from the fitness community who understand the nuances of running a fitness business, allowing them to create a targeted solution with a full suite of tools to manage sales, memberships, marketing, and billing. Arbox offers business owners a full suite of tools to drive business forward and make a name for themselves in the fitness community. Leverage the Arbox system to strengthen your fitness club’s client base and provide members with a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Arbox’s key membership features

Arbox offers everything you need to keep your fitness organization’s operations in line:

  • Retention tools. Arbox offers everything you need to engage your community from daily communications to satisfaction surveys. Send automated messages to engage absent members and automatically remind members about upcoming events and classes. You can even show your appreciation by providing birthday specials and other promotions. Renewal is incredibly easy and can be completed in less than a minute.
  • Business management. Run your fitness center with more insight and efficiency than ever before. Centralize data collection and access this information wherever you are. You can create dozens of detailed reports within seconds to gauge your business’s success. You can easily handle all payments, from memberships to merchandise sales. Plus, you can set up and stay on top of your daily and weekly class schedules.
  • Mobile app. Members can book or cancel a class with just a few taps, join online classes, and invite their friends to join classes and get in shape with them. They can easily renew their memberships and stay up to date on important news at your club. Plus, they can check a fitness leaderboard and log their workout results on the go. Everything they need will be in the palms of their hands.


Arbox pricing

Start with this membership management software for just $79 per month, or get a free trial before you buy. Arbox’s pricing model also includes more robust packages with additional features.

Disciple - Membership Software for Individual Influencers

What is Disciple?

Disciple isn’t your typical membership management platform. Great for individual influencers, it empowers users to build their brands through a community-driven, interactive site where they engage with members. You can manage member subscriptions, events, and communications via the web or with the membership management app.

Build a branded community platform where your members can interact and engage with you. The platform includes a variety of monetization options such as membership subscriptions, exclusive content, sponsorships, and much more.

Segment your audience with public and private groups and feeds so you can deliver the right content to the right individuals. Sell courses, charge subscriptions, livestream, and more. Disciple’s online membership management system makes it easy to manage your community on autopilot and deliver an exceptional member experience.

Disciple’s key membership features

Disciple offers the features you need to build a tight-knit community, including:

  • Member profiles. Customize member profiles with specific fields to capture relevant data. Then, use this data to segment your audience by interest and demographics into unlimited private and public groups. Then you can share content that piques each group’s unique interests.
  • Content management. Store and share all of your content in your library, and share them with your community. Disciple supports multimedia (like videos and images), PDFs, and blog posts. You can also track vital metrics to determine what content performs the best.
  • Member-to-member communication. Members can send private messages to other members within your community platform using the direct messaging feature. They can view each other's profiles and discover other members who share similar interests. Easily drive interaction further with comment, likes, threads, polls, and more.


Disciple pricing

Disciple offers various pricing options. The web platform starts at $55 per month, while the mobile app starts at $549 per month.

Let's wrap up by recapping what we've learned about the leading membership management software solutions.

Streamline Membership Management for Enhanced Engagement

As your organization expands, relying on traditional record-keeping methods becomes increasingly cumbersome. Membership management software offers a modern solution, empowering you to efficiently manage members and redirect your focus toward fostering meaningful relationships.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Different organizations have distinct priorities, necessitating access to varied features for effective member management. Whether you're a fitness center or a Greek organization, selecting the right platform with tailored functionalities is crucial for success.

Seize the Opportunity for Enhanced Engagement

With a plethora of solutions available, there's no shortage of options to meet your organization's specific requirements. Now is the time to take decisive action and implement the membership management solution that aligns with your objectives. After all, optimizing member engagement is a top priority for organizational growth and success.

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