How to Add/Edit Blog Categories

author Murad Bushnaq on August 26, 2020

How to edit blog categories

1. Log in to your Morweb website

2. Go to Content > Blogs

3. Click on a blog post you want to edit

4. Go to the 'Categories' tab

Morweb blog categories

5. Select 'Manage'

6. Select 'New Category' and drag it to your other categories

Morweb adding a new blog category

7. Give it a title and fill out other fields

Morweb blog category title

8. Click 'Save'

9. Go to Content > Pages

10. Select your blog page and go to the Live Editor

11. Click the gear icon of the Posts List

Select Posts List settings

12. Select the categories of posts you want to show on that page

Posts list filter

13. Apply

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