Association Management Software (AMS): Your Guide to Options in 2024

Association Management Software (AMS): Your Guide to Options in 2024
Murad Bushnaq
April 11, 2024

Upgrade your association's operations with the latest AMS solutions, and focus on engaging members rather than just managing them.

Gone are the days of managing associations with disparate spreadsheets and outdated software. In today's technologically advanced society, membership organizations need efficient solutions to streamline their operations and enhance member experiences. That's where association management software (AMS) comes in.

Dedicated AMS platforms empower organizations to handle daily tasks seamlessly, from membership management to event planning and beyond.

With a wide array of options available, choosing the right AMS can be daunting. To help you navigate this process, we'll explore what AMS entails, and key factors to consider when evaluating options, and highlight some of the leading solutions in the market.

What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association management software (AMS) is a comprehensive solution designed to help membership organizations efficiently manage their operations. From tracking member information and collecting dues to organizing events and communicating with members, AMS streamlines various aspects of association management, ultimately improving efficiency and member satisfaction.

Key Considerations When Evaluating AMS Options:

- Features and Functionality: Assess the features offered by each AMS platform to ensure they align with your organization's needs. Look for features such as membership management, event registration, communication tools, and financial management capabilities.

- Scalability: Consider the scalability of the AMS platform to accommodate your organization's growth. Ensure that the software can adapt to changing needs and increasing membership numbers without compromising performance.

- Ease of Use: A User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation are essential for effective adoption of AMS within your organization. Choose a platform that offers ease of use for both administrators and members.

- Integration Capabilities: Look for AMS solutions that integrate seamlessly with other software and tools your organization uses, such as email marketing platforms, accounting software, and CRM systems.

- Support and Training: Evaluate the level of customer support and training resources provided by AMS vendors. Ensure that adequate support is available to assist your team with the implementation and ongoing use of the software.

Popular AMS Solutions in 2024:

Investing in the right association management software can significantly enhance your organization's efficiency and member satisfaction. By carefully evaluating your options based on features, scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, and support, you can choose an AMS that meets your organization's unique needs and goals.

Let's walk through some common questions about association management software.

Association Management Software FAQs:

Before delving into our top recommendations, let's cover the fundamentals. Whether you're a newcomer to association management software (AMS) or seeking a refresher, understanding the basics will help you identify the most suitable platform equipped with relevant features.

What is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association management software, or AMS, serves as a comprehensive management tool designed to streamline various organizational tasks. While functionalities vary by platform, AMS typically facilitates member data storage, financial dues collection, event organization, and member communication. Beyond associations, AMS solutions cater to a wide range of organizations, including rotary clubs, parent-teacher associations, and nonprofits.

By leveraging AMS, association leaders can:

- Streamline dues processing, registrations, and donations.
- Create online event registration pages, manage payments, and send reminders.
- Enhance communication through newsletters, content sharing, and automated dues reminders.
- Manage contacts and foster meaningful engagement opportunities.
- Analyze key engagement metrics and financial reports.

In essence, selecting the right AMS can significantly reduce administrative burdens and unlock valuable engagement prospects for your organization.

What are the Key Features of Association Software?

Essential features of association management software include a membership website builder, dues management capabilities, event registration and ticketing functionalities, online donation pages, and a robust member database. Additional functionalities may encompass content distribution, certification management, and provision of self-service portals for new member sign-ups and management.

When selecting an AMS, prioritize affordability and scalability to ensure it meets your current requirements while accommodating future growth. It's important to note that each AMS caters to a specific niche, so choose the one that aligns best with your organization's needs and those of your members.

Before embarking on your AMS research journey, convene with your team to identify the challenges you're facing and the features you deem essential. Additionally, note down desirable but non-essential features. With your unique specifications in mind, explore some of the leading association software options available today.

Morweb offers the best association software for all types of organizations.

Morweb: Best All-Around Association Management Software

What is Morweb?

Designed exclusively for leading associations and nonprofits, Morweb empowers member-based organizations to build a digital presence and deepen their connections with members. Our platform's core function is its web design and content management system (CMS). With plenty of modules to choose from, it seamlessly transforms into a robust association management solution that caters to all your needs.

In today's internet-obsessed world, your website is your most important digital tool for marketing your association, connecting with prospective members, and engaging your current audience. With content management as a core function of your association software, establishing and growing your digital presence will be a breeze.

Morweb comes with built-in functionality to drive member registration, membership renewals, event participation, and volunteering without the need for multiple systems or IT support.

Since 2014, Morweb has helped thousands of member-based organizations, and with over 11,800 projects completed, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to run an association and be successful online. When you invest in our tools, we'll provide your organization with a content strategy, mobile-friendly web design, powerful functionality, and ongoing support to expand your member base.

Choose one of our beautifully designed association themes, pick the features you need, use the drag-and-drop builder to organize your site's content, push your association's site live, and start engaging your community.

Best association management features of Morweb

Morweb's robust website modules help associations engage with a wider member base. Here are the association management modules you'll benefit from:

  • Member directory. Allow members to register for your association with mobile-friendly forms. Easily display members on an interactive directory or map and grant them access to find and connect with other members in their area.
  • Member portal. Create private, password-protected pages and manage member accounts through your website. Members can log in to access your resources and file libraries.
  • Fundraising tools. Collect dues and online donations directly through your website. You can also build an online store to sell merchandise. Thanks to streamlined payment integration, you don't have to send users to an external site.
  • Events management. Choose from stylish event page templates, and let your site visitors and members register online.
  • Blog engine. Keep your association's site fresh with news updates and blog posts. Create posts that stand out with images, videos, and categories.


Pricing of this association software

Morweb CMS and AMS solution starts at $199 per month for all the essential tools for associations with powerful tools to manage sophisticated association sites.

Click through to learn how Morweb can help you create one of the best association websites on the Internet.

Aptify's association management software is perfect for large, enterprise-level organizations.

Aptify: Best Association Management Software for Large Organizations

What is Aptify?

Aptify is association management software built specifically for unions, international organizations, and large member-based organizations. This flexible platform will grow with you as your needs evolve. Upgrade, add modules, and stay ahead of similar organizations without needing to rebuild the core system.

Trusted by more than 150 associations, Aptify takes an enterprise-focused approach, offering 21 out-of-the-box applications. Their robust menu of applications helps to enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration for your organization and members.

Best association management features of Aptify

Aptify's association membership software puts you in control with powerful features like:

  • Member database. Capture and track member and financial information in a single place. Integrate your association management software with third-party software so that all data flows into your database. Easily search across the entire database to find the member you need.
  • Fully branded eCommerce sites. Manage payments, orders, and preferences so you can sell products to your members and raise extra funds.
  • Applications and add-on modules. With 27 total options to choose from, you can build out your association software's functionality. Manage everything from events and committees to accounting and inventory.


Pricing of this association software

Contact Aptify's team for pricing details.

YourMembership's association management software is a smart choice for small, grassroots organizations.

YourMembership: Best Association Management Software for Small Organizations

What is YourMembership?

YourMembership's association software is designed to help small-staff associations easily manage membership activities, build powerful engagement opportunities for members, and increase revenue. After more than two decades of experience with membership organizations, YourMembership now connects 5,000 associations with 25 million members. One in four professionals of small staff associations uses the platform daily, because it empowers them to streamline everything from website design to payment processing.

Use this association software to simplify repetitive, day-to-day tasks with automated workflows. Then, you can spend more time fostering member loyalty with new opportunities for them to network, learn, and share.

Best association management features of YourMembership

YourMembership empowers small associations to drive growth, boost member engagement, and save time with intuitive features like:

  • Learning management. Create and deliver courses and documents to your members. Offer powerful learning opportunities through a range of content, including on-demand courses, live events, and webinars. Reward success by monitoring course progress and automatically delivering certificates.
  • Job boards. Become the go-to resource for career advancement in your industry by connecting members with valuable professional development opportunities.
  • Accounting. Securely accept payments with integrated payment processing, and easily direct funds to separate bank accounts for different types of payments like dues, donations, and event registrations. Your association's accountant can easily manage daily financial batches, invoices, and adjustments.


Pricing of this association software

Contact YourMembership's team to get pricing information and learn how their association software can ease your workload.

Nimble AMS offers everything your association needs to leverage Salesforce.

Nimble AMS: Best Association Management Software for Salesforce

What is Nimble AMS?

Nimble AMS by Community Brands is designed to manage every aspect of your organization while leveraging the power of the world's most-used CRM, Salesforce. Whether you’re looking to automate manual data entry, efficiently manage databases and data sharing, or optimize your members’ user experience, this association software can help your organization move forward.

With a five-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange, Nimble AMS empowers association leaders to offer an excellent member experience with powerful membership management, process automation, and personalized dashboards. Chatter, Content, Workflow, Process Builder, and thousands of other Salesforce features seamlessly integrate with Nimble AMS' traditional features that your team needs to succeed.

Best association management features of Nimble AMS

Nimble AMS allows association professionals to manage every aspect of their organizations with features like:

  • Membership management. Build and track lifelong member relationships. The platform has everything you need to manage complex membership structures with multi-tiered dues. Leverage member data and artificial intelligence through Salesforce Einstein to deliver predictions and recommendations for strengthening member relationships.
  • Member portal. Give members online access to their membership, event registrations, certifications, affiliations, and account information.
  • Job board and career center. Deliver world-class professional development resources to your members with a fully-branded career center. Connect members with their next great career opportunity through a job board and virtual career fairs.


Pricing of this association software

Request pricing from Nimble AMS for a custom quote and to learn how their platform can move your organization forward.

Wild Apricot is association software that allows you to seamlessly manage members.

Wild Apricot: Best Association Management Software for Member Management

What is Wild Apricot?

Serving nearly 40,000 associations, Wild Apricot empowers organizations to manage and connect with their members every day. This all-in-one membership management software is designed for any member-based organization, whether you're an association, nonprofit, or club.

The platform makes it easy to manage contacts, create newsletters, build a membership site, process payments, and more. With the user-friendly interface, you'll have the freedom to customize every aspect of your membership management system.

Best association management features of Wild Apricot

Deliver an exceptional member experience with these helpful features from Wild Apricot:

  • Simplified member application process. Make a positive first impression on new members with a web-based, mobile-friendly application form. Customize it with multi-level memberships and discount codes. Then, set up automated emails to welcome new members as soon as their application is approved.
  • Renewal reminders. Chasing down members who haven't renewed can be time-consuming. Automate your renewal reminders and cut down on administrative work by offering self-service options to members. They can log in to their profile and renew their own membership on the spot.
  • Member directory. Encourage members to connect with up-to-date online member directories. Create public directories of your members' businesses, or build a directory that only your members can access. Then, embed it into your association's website.


Pricing of this association software

Wild Apricot offers different pricing tiers based on the number of contacts you have. Get a free plan if you have 50 or fewer contacts. Paid plans start at $40 per month for up to 100 contacts. They also offer discounts when you prepay for a full year or a full two years. They have special multi-chapter pricing with a volume pricing discount so that multichapter organizations can save even more.

Fonteva Membership is association management software that allows you to deepen member engagement.

Fonteva Membership: Best Association Management Software for Member Engagement

What is Fonteva Membership?

With a heavy focus on engagement, Fonteva Membership empowers organizations to effortlessly deepen member relationships. Association professionals benefit from powerful self-service membership software that's accessible on any device.

Like Nimble AMS, Fonteva combines Salesforce with the features member-based organizations need to connect with members and position themselves as leaders in their respective industries. With ongoing upgrades between the Fonteva Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange, you can grow your toolkit organically and offer an unmatched member experience.

Best association management features of Fonteva Membership

Enhance your member experience and get to know them on a deeper level with helpful features like:

  • Engagement scoring. Get a sense of how engaged each member is with personalized engagement scoring and badges. You can figure out who's at risk of lapsing so you can reach out with personalized offers and reduce your churn rate.
  • Intuitive event management. Plan engaging member events and make sure everyone can attend by offering a seamless mobile experience. The app enables you to maintain branding and use well-organized themes, and attendees can stay connected with real-time push notifications.
  • Unified data and analytics. Gather real-time analytics to gain more insight into your community than ever before. Set and measure KPIs, track every interaction, and leverage AI-based insights and suggested actions.


Pricing of this association software

Contact Fonteva’s team for a personalized quote for their association management software.

MemberClicks is the best association membership software for building digital communities.

MemberClicks: Best Association Membership Software for Online Communities

What is MemberClicks?

MemberClicks is association software that includes all the features organizations need to make the most of the web. Go beyond your website, social media profiles, and events to foster a personalized, collaborative online community. MemberClicks offers the next level of interaction, giving your supporters a dedicated online space to connect with their peers and your association.

With online community tools baked into the association membership software, building an online presence is simple. The most dynamic organizations have vibrant online communities that enable members, volunteers, and advocates alike to communicate and collaborate, and MemberClicks makes that possible for associations like yours.

Best association management features of MemberClicks

Maximize engagement and establish your community with features like:

  • Discussion forums. Enable member-to-member collaboration, allowing them to connect and talk about what's going on in the industry. Spark discussion in your forums by asking users questions and enabling voting.
  • Newsfeed. Perfect for users who are pressed for time, this module enables them to quickly see what's going on in your online community. Users can interact with newsfeed content, including activity from forums, events, profile posts, and file uploads.
  • Group-specific collaboration. Give segmented groups access to their own curated spaces to connect, learn, and share. Leverage custom content permissions, so you can tie specific information to the right group of people.


Pricing of this association software

Reach out to MemberClicks for a personalized quote.

GrowthZone offers the best association software for communications.

GrowthZone: Best Association Management Software for Marketing

What is GrowthZone?

GrowthZone is a basic association management software that offers an extensive list of modules. You can build out your solution to offer the exact functionality your organization needs while still sticking to your budget. Their basic plan grants access to contact management, integrated payment processing, staff and member mobile apps, and event management. Build out your platform with additional modules like an online store, an enhanced directory, and recruitment tools.

With a heavy focus on communication, GrowthZone empowers all-sized organizations to deepen relationships and connect with their communities across all devices. Stay up to date on all your contacts and present the right engagement opportunities with ease.

Best association management features of GrowthZone

Here are some of GrowthZone's essential features that keep associations connected to their members:

  • Marketing automation. GrowthZone is the first association management software with a built-in marketing automation module. It’s designed for efficiency and growth, making it easy to design customized emails and launch targeted campaigns that keep your members engaged.
  • Member app. GrowthZone's MemberPlus App is a mobile communication and collaboration tool for your members. They can register for events, participate in discussions, browse career opportunities, access files on the go, and stay informed with their events calendar and announcements.
  • Segmentation. Conveniently group your contacts into meaningful groups to send relevant appeals en masse. Simplified personalized outreach will make it easier to connect on an individual level.


Pricing of this association software

GrowthZone offers four pricing plans, starting at $149 per month for the essentials. Their premier plan starts at $299, and their pro plan starts at $449. Contact their team for a custom quote for their enterprise-level package.

If you manage a multi-chapter association, Memberplanet's association management software might be a strong contender.

Memberplanet: Best Software for Multi-Chapter Associations

What is Memberplanet?

Memberplanet is an association management software that allows individual chapters to use a full suite of engagement tools, while headquarters still maintains control over managing the entire association.

Chapter-based associations gain transparency over each chapter's activities through aggregate reporting. Plus, the user-friendly tools minimize the learning curve for staff, making it easy to roll out across the entire organization.

Best association management features of Memberplanet

With this association software, gain access to all sorts of powerful features, including:

  • Robust reporting. Take a look at the big picture and zoom in on the granular details of your association's financial health with business intelligence tools and comprehensive reports. View and customize multi-chapter reporting, display activity for each membership level, and access individual member data to improve each chapter and the organization as a whole.
  • Online member website. The Hub is a fully branded website that displays your activities and allows members to log in without trouble. Chapter-based associations can maintain branding and control messaging for each chapter's site with fill-and-lock templates while empowering chapters to produce their content.
  • Marketing tools. Connect with your members and strengthen relationships with feature-rich marketing tools. Distribute content with chapter-specific branding across email newsletters, and encourage two-way communication with discussion boards.


Pricing of this association software

Memberplanet offers four pricing levels. Their basic plan is free to use but has a 4% platform fee and payment processing fees. Pricing for paid plans starts at $50 per month with a 2% platform fee. All plans have unlimited admins and contacts but come with varying features.

Novi AMS streamlines financial management.

Novi AMS: Best Association Management Software for Financial Management

What is Novi AMS?

Novi AMS was built by association professionals (end users just like you) who wanted the power and flexibility of customizable software. The result was a system that staff can quickly adopt and use to manage their work.

This platform puts a heavy emphasis on accurate accounting, resulting in precision for your books, insightful reporting, and fewer headaches for your accounting team.

Best association management features of Novi AMS

Novi AMS comes equipped with several tools to manage financial data, such as:

  • Two-way synchronization with QuickBooks Online. Novi AMS is the only association management software available in the QuickBooks Online App Store. Use the integration to reduce risk and improve accuracy with bookkeeping and financial reporting. Many of Novi's staff members are QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, so you can rest assured that you'll receive quick and effective support.
  • Financial tracking. Manage all financial data and transactions in one system with precise detail. Track invoices, credit memos, payments, eCommerce sales receipts, tax rates, and more.
  • Online store. Create a steady revenue stream with an eCommerce store. Showcase products, services, sponsorships, and other contribution opportunities, and maintain complete control over who can purchase what.


Pricing of this association software

Novi AMS scales its pricing based on the size of your organization. Plans start at $650 per month with $2,095 in onboarding fees, and their largest plan is $2,495 per month with $9,995 in onboarding fees.

Raklet's association management software is a scalable platform for growing organiziations.

Raklet: Best Scalable Association Management Software

What is Raklet?

At its core, Raklet is a flexible and easy way to manage and grow your association. Connect with more than 2,000 other apps online to cover all your bases and manage every aspect of your association from communications to fundraising.

The platform's ultimate goal is to automate daily tasks and engage your audience through memberships, newsletters, and other digital tools. Seamlessly build out your association software's functionality with an extensive collection of apps and integrations. Best of all, they take a user-friendly approach, so you don't need any prior coding experience (like with Morweb's association software).

Best features of Raklet for associations

Raklet offers a wide range of functionality through its apps and integrations, such as:

  • Form builder. This association software offers a simple way to build forms branded to your organization. Customize the fields, and add your logo, custom colors, and more.
  • Fundraising tools. Create unlimited fundraising campaigns and start collecting funds online. Set objectives and let donors know how much you've collected along the way.
  • Digital membership cards. Create unique digital cards for each of your members. They're great for making your members feel like they're part of your community, and they're also practical for quick event check-in.


Pricing of this association software

This association software has a free plan with 4% + $0.60 payment transaction fees. For more robust functionality, Raklet offers 3 paid plans, which start at $49 per month and extend to $224 per month. Plans vary in the number of contacts and admins, storage space, and features.

Doubleknot is the perfect association management software for cultural organizations.

Doubleknot: Best Association Software for Cultural Organizations

What is Doubleknot?

Built specifically for cultural organizations, Doubleknot offers everything organizational directors and staff need to keep their zoos, aquariums, and museums up and running.

The cloud-based operations management suite allows you to manage sales, line up reservations, create enticing membership offers, collect event registrations, and fundraise from one central system. Plus, the products can be customized to conform to existing processes and integrate third-party applications for fundraising, ticketing, email marketing, and more.

Best association management features of Doubleknot

Doubleknot's association management software empowers cultural organizations with powerful features like:

  • Sales. Doubleknot's integrated suite of tools supports online, POS, and mobile sales. You can process and store every transaction, including admissions, memberships, donations, group sales, event registrations, and merchandise sales. Enable discounts that are automatically applied to eligible visitors (like members, military veterans, and more).
  • Constituent management. Recruit, recognize, and retain members and donors at every touchpoint. Use the optional integration with Doubleknot's CRM to ensure every visitor, member, and donor transaction and interaction is recorded. Leverage wealth screening, moves management, multichannel campaigns, and more.
  • Member management. Doubleknot supports an unlimited number of membership types, so you can completely customize the member experience. Offer engagement opportunities at every touchpoint with discounts on purchases, free guest passes, priority registration, and members-only events.


Pricing of this association software

Reach out to Doubleknot or set up a demo to get pricing information.

Higher Logic offers the best association software for communications.

Higher Logic: Best Association Software for Communications

What is Higher Logic?

With association and corporate solutions, Higher Logic is an industry-leading, human-focused engagement platform. The Higher Logic team aims to deliver powerful online communities to help organizations engage users at every stage of their journey.

Connect with constituents with built-in best practices, automated workflows, peer-to-peer connections, and more. You'll be able to personalize every member's experience deliver messages that resonate with them and boost retention.

Best association features of Higher Logic

Higher Logic empowers association leaders to build lasting relationships with robust communication features like:

  • Automated email series. Create captivating emails by using one of the pre-built templates or starting from scratch. Automated workflows will help deliver a personalized experience to every recipient based on where they are in their journey. Line up options for member onboarding, renewal cycles, lapsed members, and fundraising.
  • Reporting. Track performance across multiple outreach channels, including individual emails, marketing automation campaigns, and landing pages. You can effectively measure conversions and campaign impact. Dozens of pre-built reports help you pull key metrics, while custom analytics drill down to reveal more specific insights.
  • Database integration. Integrate your Higher Logic tools directly with your CRM or third-party AMS, enabling a two-way exchange of data for email, web, and social interactions. Easily keep the information in your database updated, making it simple to customize your outreach and deliver the most effective messages.


Pricing of this association software

Higher Logic offers three different pricing plans based on the functionality you need. Request a quote for specific pricing details.

CiviCRM is the best open-source association management software.

CiviCRM: Best Open-Source Association Management Software

What is CiviCRM?

CiviCRM is a cloud-based, open-source constituent management system developed specifically for nonprofits and associations. This solution has a proven track record of success and is trusted by 11,000 nonprofits, has processed more than 116 million transactions, and manages more than 189 million contacts around the world.

Because it's open-source, it's incredibly customizable. Leverage a variety of tools for every aspect of your association, including those for fundraising, grant tracking, event planning, constituent engagement, advocacy campaigns, and communications.

Best association management features of CiviCRM

Build out your solution exactly to your specifications using features like:

  • Event management. Create registration pages for free and paid events. The intuitive interface allows you to add all the relevant details including the event date, time, registration period, capacity, and fees. Automatically send pre-event reminders and post-event wrap-ups, and easily turn your activities into recurring events.
  • Contribution tracking. CiviCRM makes creating and tracking gifts straightforward. Collect and record contributions made via check, phone, and web forms. Contributions can include one-time and recurring donations, in-kind donations, pledge payments, membership payments, matching gifts, and more. Use customizable fields for more options.
  • Case management. This association software makes it easy to create, manage, and track simple or sophisticated workflows. Your staff can track a single interaction just as well as a complex sequence of interactions across an extended period across the entire team. Define every step in the process, determine when it should occur, and assign it to a specific team member.


Pricing of this association software

Get specific pricing details for the exact configuration you need by requesting a demo with CiviCRM's team.

Almabase is our top association software recommendation for educational institutions.

Almabase: Best Association Management Software for Education Institutions

What is Almabase?

Almabase is an alumni management solution designed for institutions to streamline alumni engagement, community management, and fundraising endeavours. Organizations can build a program that's truly alumni-centric and results in lifelong relationships.

With Almabase, organizations can conduct virtual and in-person events, increase donor acquisition, and inspire new volunteers. Plus, it integrates with some of the leading CRM databases, including Blackbaud, Salesforce, and Ellucian.

Best association management features of Almabase

Gain access to these helpful tools to enhance your alumni experience:

  • Online alumni community. Unlock the true potential of your member base with an online community that makes it easy for alumni to connect with peers and find new networking opportunities. Open up avenues for jobs, internships, and volunteering. Create affinity groups such as classes, chapters, and athletic clubs where you can run events, fundraisers, and discussion forums.
  • Events. From small social gatherings to large reunions, you can seamlessly organize events. Leverage flexible ticketing, payment processing integrations, social sharing, Zoom integration, and automated guest communication for a memorable event that fosters engagement.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising. Increase your organization's fundraising capacity by leveraging alumni networks. They can supercharge your campaign's reach with social sharing and customizable templates. Create leaderboards for class years, locations, athletic groups, or any other parameter to encourage deeper involvement. Integration with Double the Donation's 360MatchPro makes it easy to capture matching gifts too.


Pricing of this association software

To receive pricing details, request a demo with Almabase's team.

StarChapter is an easy-to-use association software that empowers associations to spend less time navigating technology.

StarChapter: Best User-Friendly Association Management Software

What is StarChapter?

StarChapter is a cloud-based association management software for local, national, professional, and trade associations. Regardless of your role within your association, this software empowers you with the resources you need to overcome challenges. It works equally well for administrations, staff, board volunteers, and chapter relations professionals.

This all-in-one system will help your chapter save time, increase member participation, and grow membership. Seamlessly run your events, communicate with members, tailor your website content, and fundraise online.

Best association management features of StarChapter

Alleviate stress across your chapter with these helpful association features:

  • eCommerce. Grow your chapter's revenue by charging fees for events, selling sponsorships, and selling promotional products to enhance your chapter's brand recognition within the industry. Securely manage payment processing and fully integrate your store into your website for simplified sales.
  • Content management. Create a professional website that fits your chapter with StarChapter's design layouts that you can customize with colour schemes, images, and page sections. Like Morweb, you can manage user permissions, restricting certain content to certain users. You can segment member access into different groups, making it easy to provide the right content to different membership tiers.
  • Board management. Enable different users to use your software based on their roles, tasks, and responsibilities. Whether they're the president, treasurer, membership chair, or some other position, everyone will have access to the tools they need to further their chapter's work. StarChapter also offers training materials to create a smooth transition from one board to the next.


Pricing of this association software

StarChapter offers pricing plans for every budget. Associations with less than 50 members can get started for $44 per month with a $399 setup fee. Associations with more than 1,200 members can get started for $206 per month with a $1,799 setup fee.

Let's wrap things up by revisiting the importance of selecting exceptional association management software.

The Gist:

In the realm of association management, relying on anything less than top-tier software just won't cut it. The good news is, with the abundance of software platforms available today, you're spoiled for choice.

Whether your focus is on crafting compelling content, expanding your membership base, or simply ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, there's a software solution tailored to meet your needs.

Selecting the right association software is pivotal in fostering growth across all facets of your organization and establishing a prominent presence within your industry. Armed with insights into several leading options, it's time to make a decisive choice and optimize your operations.

In the meantime, if you're eager to delve deeper into the world of association management, be sure to explore these invaluable resources:

Swtich to Morweb

Request a demo

Morweb provides the right mix of strategy, design, non-technical software, and customer support to manage and grow not just a website, but an engaging online presence.