Seamless integration between Morweb CMS and Stripe payment processing

Integration Details

Stripe - Morweb CMS Integration

Stripe is Morweb's preferred payment processor for fundraising and eCommerce modules. The Morweb platform seamlessly integrates with Stripe so that users can make payments on the front of your website without having to see the backend process. Connect your Stripe account with Morweb CMS in just three easy steps.


Integration in three easy steps:

1. Create your Stripe account

Stripe has a streamlined process for integrating payment processing with your website. For nonprofits, this means collecting online donations, event registrations and any other purchases without having to send users to a third-party platform.

Stripe accepts most credit cards with processing fees at a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.

Sign up for an account and enter your organization's contact information and bank details. Follow the guide to activate your account and access your API keys.


2. Get your Stripe API keys

Stripe's API keys are used to authenticate payment processing functionality with Morweb CMS so that nonprofits can accept online payments directly through their website.

With Stripe, you can access your API keys by navigating to the Developers section of the Stripe dashboard. Click on 'API Keys' to get your Secret Key, Public Key and Client ID.

3. Add your API keys to Morweb CMS

Login to the backend of your Morweb CMS website and click on 'Services'. Click on 'Stripe Classic' to add your API keys.

Once Stripe is enabled on your website, you can use it on your donation form, event registrations or online store by selecting 'Stripe' under the payment settings for that module.


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