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School Web Design & CMS Software

Morweb is a web design and CMS software solution that is specialized for schools and universities. Since 2014, has helped schools grow their online presence through mobile-responsive web design and our CMS platform that makes website updates easy for non-technical users.

Web Design Agency is a web design agency specializing in nonprofit organizations. With over 1,500 projects completed, we've worked with organizations across many different industries including education, health, environment and community associations.

Morweb CMS


Morweb CMS is a user-friendly web design and content management system. Choose from web designs created specifically for schools and powerful website features to expand your reach online. You'll be able to keep your website updated with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. 

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Morweb's website modules help schools grow their online presence and connect with students, teachers, parents and the broader community. The Morweb platform comes with built-in functionality to drive enrollment, event participation, and online learning without the need for multiple systems or IT support.

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All the essential tools for smaller organizations.



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Power tools to manage and grow sophisticated websites. 

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