Case Study: Gads Hill Center - Gads Hill: A Vibrant Nonprofit Website for Exploring 125 Years of Service

Gads Hill Center, a 125-year-old organization based in Chicago, has grown into providing programs and services for four major categories: children, youth, mental health, and community. Their mission revolves around fostering stronger communities and brighter futures by offering a wide range of educational, social, and support services within these key areas. 

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From Outdated to Outstanding: The Reinvention of Gads Hill's Web Presence with Morweb

Over time, Gads Hill has undergone significant evolution, but their website had fallen behind, with outdated aesthetics and content. They faced challenges updating their site due to the limited editing options of their existing CMS platform. Morweb stepped in with a comprehensive discovery and content strategy process that pinpointed Gads Hill's core strengths and opportunities. This process also sharpened their messaging to resonate with their intended audience. The result of this collaboration was a visually stunning website design that effectively showcased the extensive array of programs and resources Gads Hill offers.



A screetshot of MSA's old site
A screetshot of MSA's new site

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