Case Study: Dayton Foundation - A New Era of Giving: The Dayton Foundation's Transformative Journey Through Cutting-Edge Web Design

The Dayton Foundation, a century-old leader in charitable giving out of Ohio, sought to revitalize its digital presence to more effectively engage its community and stakeholders. The Foundation partnered with Morweb CMS to overhaul its website, aiming to not just showcase its expertise but also to inspire and facilitate charitable actions.

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  • User Research
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Style-guide


  • Blog Module
  • Resource Library Module
  • Fundraising Module
  • Event & Calendar Module
  • Directory Module

The Partnership Yielded Remarkable Outcomes.

Morweb CMS stepped in as the pivotal solution, offering a comprehensive suite of services and modules tailored to the Foundation's unique needs. The collaboration kickstarted with a strategic revamp of the content and site architecture, coupled with a custom website design that echoed the Foundation's ethos and authority in philanthropy.

Morweb's intuitive CMS facilitated effortless content updates by the staff, ensuring the website remained dynamic and informative. Key modules like blogging, fundraising, resource library, and event/calendar were seamlessly integrated, enhancing the site's interactivity and utility. The focus on SEO and ADA compliance further ensured that the website was discoverable and accessible to a broader audience.

The Dayton Foundation's new website now boasts an intuitive, engaging user experience, fostering deeper community engagement and more efficient management of content and events. The integrated modules have streamlined fundraising and event organization, amplifying the Foundation's ability to connect with and support the community. This digital evolution has not only enhanced the Foundation's online visibility but has also reinforced its commitment to being a forefront of philanthropy in the Dayton region, resonating with the ethos of 'We Help You Help Others'.




A screetshot of Dayton's old site
A screetshot of Dayton's new site

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