Case Study: Certified Public Accountants Association - Morweb and CPAA: Pioneering a Digital Era for Accountants Worldwide

CPAA is the essential platform for accountants in public practice globally, blending community engagement with exclusive resources. It's more than an association; it's a network where accountants connect and grow. With our curated events, mentorship programs, and a comprehensive member directory, CPAA champions continuous professional development and skill-building in the accounting community.

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A User-Centric Redesign

Morweb successfully developed and implemented a dynamic website for, a premier association for accountants in public practice both within the UK and internationally. Our mission was to bolster the evolving community of public accountancy by creating tools for tomorrow's practices today.

The primary objective for CPAA was to enhance the efficiency of their membership application process. To achieve this, we provided a comprehensive membership portal designed to add significant value for its members. This portal simplifies account management and membership renewal processes, fostering a community-driven environment. It includes a member directory, enabling members to connect with peers, and features robust sections for events and mentorship programs. These additions are tailored to support CPAA members in their professional growth and in sharing their expertise with others, thus nurturing a thriving community of skilled accountants.



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