Case Study: Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District - Achieving excellence by nurturing a love of learning!

A district where all students are welcomed, valued, engaged and excited about learning. Students graduate with excellence in critical thinking, a love of learning and are prepared to move successfully in the world and life. Every staff member, working as a team, helps to create a community of continuous learning, equity and opportunity for all.

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From Dated Designs to Dynamic Digital Platforms

The CRPUSD school system, encompassing 12 schools, underwent a major website overhaul to solve several issues. The old website suffered from an outdated design, confusing navigation, excessive content, and a problematic CMS that limited editing and necessitated external developers for updates. Morweb addressed these challenges by implementing a contemporary, visually appealing design, simplifying navigation, and trimming down content.

A crucial improvement was the introduction of a new, user-friendly CMS that resolved technical issues and enhanced editing capabilities. Morweb's comprehensive training enabled school staff to independently manage content, reducing reliance on external developers and cutting costs. The redesign also featured engaging imagery and improved search functions, making the site more appealing and accessible to students and parents. This transformation led to an improved user experience and set a new standard for effective school communication and website management.

A screetshot of CRPUSD's old site
A screetshot of CRPUSD's new site

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