Morweb Site Launch Checklist

author Murad Bushnaq on July 3, 2020

Just launched your new Morweb website? Carefully go through this checklist to make sure you didn't miss any important steps.

  • Favicon is added
  • Duplicate or unused pages are unpublished
  • Pages and blog posts have meta titles and descriptions - See instructions
  • Forms have a contact under 'Email Results To'
  • Forms have a thank you message or email confirmation set up
  • Homepage banners link to the correct page - See instructions
  • All links (including buttons) go to the correct page - Broken Link Checker
  • All external links and PDFs open in a new window - See instructions
  • Social media links are added
  • Access to private pages are set to the correct user group - See instructions
  • Access to private media galleries are set to the correct user group
  • Google API Key is added under Morweb Services - See instructions
  • Google reCAPTCHA is added under Morweb Services - See instructions
  • Google Analytics tag is added - See instructions
  • Website contributers have user accounts on the live site. (The site is only for development purposes)

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