How to Size Images

author Murad Bushnaq on June 25, 2019

Properly sizing your images for your website will help them display clearly and reduce the amount of time they take to load on a page. To size your images, follow this sizing chart:

Minimum Width

Maximum Width

Banner Image



Blog/Event Header



Body Image






Try to keep the file sizes of your images under 800K. The larger the file size, the longer they take to load on a page. To reduce the file size, follow these tips:


1. Click 'Resize'

Resize image in Paint

2. Select 'Pixels'

3. Resize the width (horizontal)

Resize image width

4. Save your image using best practices for naming images


1. Select Image > Image Size

2. Resize the width

Resize image width

3. Select Image > Canvas Size

4. Resize the height

Resize height

5. Select File > Export > Save for Web

Photoshop settings: Export and Save for Web

6. Change the Quality to 80 (Very High)

Photoshop image quality settings

7. Click 'Save'

8. Name your image using these best practices

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