Case Study: Milwaukee Ballet - Harmony in Motion: Milwaukee Ballet's Website Reimagined

Milwaukee Ballet, a beacon of world-class dance and education, sought to enhance its digital presence to reflect its reputation as a polished, sophisticated, yet accessible organization. Striving to provide a seamless online experience for ticket purchases, donations, and registrations, the Ballet aimed to make its offerings and mission clear and inviting to a wide audience. Morweb CMS was chosen for this pivotal task, leveraging its comprehensive easy to use tools and modules to transform the Ballet's website into a vibrant hub for the community.

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A User-Centric Redesign

The Ballet's existing website faced several challenges in meeting the diverse needs of its audience, including prospective ticket buyers, students, families, donors, and event attendees. Key information needed to be easily accessible, transactions smooth, and the Ballet's mission and offerings clearly communicated. Moreover, the organization wanted to maintain a high level of engagement with its community, requiring a platform that could easily allow to update performances, classes, and events.

The redesigned website has significantly impacted Milwaukee Ballet's online presence. The use of Morweb’s Blog and Private Pages Modules has fostered a stronger community connection, making the website a central hub for sharing and accessing information. The integration of TNEW has streamlined the transaction process, making it easier for visitors to purchase tickets, donate, and register for classes, directly addressing the Ballet's goal of simplifying online transactions. 

Visitors to the new website now enjoy a seamless experience, from exploring upcoming performances and school offerings to supporting the Ballet’s mission. The site reflects the organization's polished yet inviting brand, making art accessible to the wider community and ensuring Milwaukee Ballet remains a key cultural pillar.


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