Case Study: Dakota Wesleyan University - Elevating DWU's Brand: Showcasing a Vibrant Student Culture in a Digital Age

Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU) grappled with the challenge of conveying its unique student culture of "learn, live, and play" through its online platform. In the highly competitive educational landscape of South Dakota, it was imperative for DWU to have a website that not only strengthened its brand identity but also effectively drew prospective students. The existing site, however, suffered from an unclear navigation system, overly dense content pages, and a complex sidebar navigation structure, making it cumbersome for visitors to locate and engage with relevant content.

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  • User research with in-person stakeholder interviews
  • Site Architecture & Navigation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Re-imagination


  • Faculty Directory
  • File Resources Library
  • Event Calendar
  • Program Listing Module
  • Blogging & News

The Redesign

DWU required a website that would both amplify its brand and captivate potential students. To address the website's initial pitfalls—confusing navigation, content saturation, and intricate sidebar menus—we envisioned a streamlined platform. This redesigned site emphasizes intuitive navigation, concise yet compelling content, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring visitors can easily access and immerse themselves in DWU's offerings.

A screetshot of DWU's old site
A screetshot of DWU's new site

Site Architecture & Style Guide

Morweb's proposed site architecture is tailored to elevate DWU's user experience. Our refined architecture approach focuses on intuitive navigation, minimizing excess pages, and steering the design in a user-centric direction.

Mobile Responsive Design & Development

Program Listing Module for Majors & Programs

Visually Engaging Program Detail Pages

Modules & Custom Sub-templates

Interactive Carousels for Visit Our Campus

Interactive Campus Map

Faculty & Staff Directory

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