Why Morweb?

Find out how Morweb can meet your nonprofit organization's website and content management needs.


1. You need a website that communicates your vision.

Your website should consist of images that emotionally connect with your cause, content that tells a story and functionality that gets visitors involved to volunteer, advocate and donate. These points seem simple enough, but most nonprofits fail to do this on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, this is because they struggle with their current website design or technology that manages it.

2. You need technology that is non-technical.

You don't have an existing IT department (yet). Therefore, you need technology that makes it easy to edit, update and grow your website by your current staff without the need to know coding or technical experience. You should be updating your website and blog frequently to keep visitors coming back and engaged with your vision.  

3. You need a website that is mobile responsive.

Primary traffic sources are coming from social media channels, search engines, and email marketing. And all these traffic sources are driven by mobile devices. Therefore, your entire website including donation form need to be mobile responsive, and when done well, great mobile experiences leave a lasting impression on your potential donors.

4. You need reliable customer support and education.

The digital space is changing all the time; you need to stay up to date, know of ideas that are driving fundraising. online donations, increasing traffic and more. We provide you not only technical support but new ideas that are being applied throughout hundreds of websites to raise funds.

5. You need integration with donor management software or CRM's.

Does your donation form, email subscription forms or other forms on your website send data directly to your CRM? Do they look aesthetically pleasing or match the style of your website? Probably not. Most nonprofits often suffer from having to update donor information manually in multiple systems and which can often lead to data becoming disorganized and even lost. We understand the value of good data! That's why Morweb can integrate with most CRM's and while having beautiful forms that are easy for visitors to fill out.

6. You need to save money where you can.

As vital as your website is to your organization, wouldn't it be nice to cut your redesign budget by 30%-80%? Wouldn't it be great to shop around for the cheapest donation merchant fees? These are precisely the problems Morweb website solution solves. We've done this by automating various stages of the website redesign process with proprietary tools and website themes that save time and money.