How to Size Images

June 25, 2019

Properly sizing your images for your website will help them display clearly and reduce the amount of time they take to load on a page. To size your images, follow this sizing chart:

Minimum Width

Maximum Width

Banner Image



Blog/Event Header



Body Image






Try to keep the file sizes of your images under 800K. The larger the file size, the longer they take to load on a page. To reduce the file size, follow these tips:


1. Click 'Resize'

Resize image in Paint

2. Select 'Pixels'

3. Resize the width (horizontal)

Resize image width

4. Save your image using best practices for naming images


1. Select Image > Image Size

2. Resize the width

Resize image width

3. Select Image > Canvas Size

4. Resize the height

Resize height

5. Select File > Export > Save for Web

Photoshop settings: Export and Save for Web

6. Change the Quality to 80 (Very High)

Photoshop image quality settings

7. Click 'Save'

8. Name your image using these best practices

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