How to Properly Name Images

Murad Bushnaq
June 25, 2019

Properly naming your images will make it easier for you to keep your photos organized and can also improve the SEO of your website. To properly name your images, use the following tips:

1. Use dashes between text in the image name example) image-name.jpg

NEVER use default names from your camera or names with random letters and numbers. Name your images based on what the image is of and what page it will be used for.

2. Include page-specific keywords in your image names example) give-to-united-way.jpg

Using relevant keywords in your image names will help boost your search engine rankings for those terms.

3. Organize your images in your Galleries Manager

Go to your Galleries Manager under MEDIA and create new galleries by category, page or image type.

Morweb Galleries Manager

4. Add alt tags for each image

You can add alt tags in the image editor pop-up under 'Image description'.

Be as descriptive as possible to explain what the image is of. Including page-specific keywords in your alt tags can also boost your search engine rankings for those terms and improve the accessibility of your website.

Screen readers for people with visual impairments use this alt text to describe the image to its users.

Morweb alt-tag editor


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