Morweb CMS Features

 Morweb empowers non-technical users to make changes directly on their website using drag and drop and click and type editing. Nonprofits love Morweb since it requires no coding and is very intuitive yet flexible, so you never have to compromise your communication due to technology.



Edit.jpg   Editing


Click and Type Editing

Work right on your web page so you can literally see your changes happen instantly. Just click and type to make updates or use our simple to use WYSIWYG editor for more advanced edits.



InstantSave.jpgInstant Page Save

Make changes on the fly and Morweb saves your page instantly, with no page reload. That’s time saved.


Instant Image Resizing, Optimization, and Cropping

Morweb instantly converts large images into web-friendly versions and resizes them to fit perfectly on your web page. You can then zoom, drag the image to the focus you want and even crop. All done right on the web page using Live Edit.



Drag & Drop whatever your website needs!

With Morweb Widget Palette, just drag the widget where you need it. Add images, video, forms, galleries, Google maps, social media feeds and much more!


Morweb Mobile Preview

Make changes to your website and toggle to mobile preview to see your website as it appears on various mobile or tablet devices instantly.


 manage.jpg   Manage Your Website Content


Morweb Page Manager

With Page Manager, you’ll be able to edit and update content on any page throughout the website. You can copy, assign permission, customize URL, add meta information and make pages private on the fly. Also, create an unlimited number of pages with Add Pages feature.


Morweb File Manager

With Morweb File Manager, you can upload PDF’s, videos, documents and images from any remote location. The files are then categorized and added to any page on the website. Create an online archive of PDF's, Image Galleries and more.


Morweb Enterprise Level Permissions

Morweb enterprise level permissions can be applied to a group, individuals and even to single items within sections, for example giving a user access to a particular page(s) or blog(s).


Morweb Dashboard

Drag, move and resize your dashboard windows to view at-a-glance web statistics any way you like. These Widget Windows can be integrated with external API to display statistics from other systems like CRM’s.




FTP Access to Templates & Code

Have a technical background? Great! You can login to your websites FTP download and alter CSS, HTML, Javascript or any template you wish. You can even create your own templates and upload.


Morweb Form Manager

With Morweb Form Manager you can create online forms and place them on any page of the website. Once the information is collected, it’s sent to an e-mail of your choice and can be exported as CSV or sent directly to your CRM.


Morweb Contact Lists

With Morweb powerful Contact List feature, information collected from online forms on your website will be databased and organized via Contact List feature. You can export a contact list in CSV format at any time.


Hosting-0001.jpg  Hosting & Maintenance

Maintenance Free, Redundant, and Secure. Morweb hosting includes security updates, software maintenance , daily backups and reliable support. It's only everything you’ll need for your website without lifting a finger.  

  • Web hosting for www.yourdomain.com
  • On-going security updates
  • Nothing to update - all maintenance is included
  • Free phone and email support at no additional cost
  • 24/7 Emergency e-mail support
  • Email Ticketing Support
  • Free daily back-ups of your website off site on Amazon Web Services
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure powered by an entirely redundant fast fiber network.