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At the center of any union’s digital presence is its website. Union websites serve as a central hub for storing member information, publishing online resources, and sharing updates relating to your organization and field of work. Morweb’s content management system (CMS) comes with essential built-in features to allow you to manage your union digitally.


All-In-One Union Website Management Software

With so many online platforms available nowadays, many unions have member management activities spread across multiple programs. That means separate union management software for their website, member management, file storage, events, marketing, and communication.

Morweb CMS was developed to be an all-in-one solution for member-based organizations. Its built-in functionality allows you to accept member registrations, collect dues, promote events, organize and distribute files, as well as manage communication all through one website platform — giving you a fully integrated birds-eye view of your union.

Effortless Payment Processing

Morweb uses Stripe as our secure payment gateway, which quickly processes membership dues, event registrations, and donations seamlessly in real-time without leaving your site. Easily connect your existing or new Stripe account to every Morweb module in one quick step.



Union Website Tools

Morweb CMS is known for its industry-leading website designs and easy editing tools. Coupled with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor, your union can manage everything from building your website to regularly posting new content.

Using Morweb’s live editor, site administrators are able to add all types of media such as images, videos, galleries, and documents. Our union software enables you to set the page viewing permissions to members-only without any coding expertise required.

Membership Module

Morweb’s membership module automates the membership registration process and allows your union to collect monthly or annual dues if desired. Members’ information is stored in your website platform where you can generate custom reports, quickly search members, add internal notes and more.

Private Member Areas & Intranet

Create private member areas to showcase member-only blogs, files, directories, white papers, and other union-specific content privately.

Rather than relying on third-party platforms, Morweb CMS has its own intranet module. With our powerful union software, you have the option to create password-protected sections and grow a comprehensive intranet portal to share private information such as internal announcements, resources, or exclusive video content.

File Resource Management

Within Morweb’s union software, the file management system is a powerful tool for organizing your documents and showcasing them in an engaging format. Using Morweb’s drag-and-drop editor, your union can create resource pages that allow members to filter files by keyword or category providing an online resource library that brings value to members.

Custom Form Builders

Morweb’s user-friendly form builder enables your organization to create custom forms without needing a web developer. Build your forms any way you want using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to make certain fields required to be filled out before the form can be submitted, add email confirmations, custom thank you pages, and so much more.

Event Registration & Management

Morweb’s event scheduling features allow your union to promote events and collect payment for tickets through your website. Your union can choose from dynamic event page templates to list your events and schedule posts to automatically unpublish once they’ve passed within your union management software.

On-Site Donation Pages

Morweb’s donation page templates offer a simple way for supporters to give monetary donations to support your various programs and initiatives. Our union software provides the option to add a header image, create suggested donation amounts, dedicate donations, or designate funds.

Social Media Integration

Having an active social media presence is important for recruiting new members and keeping current members engaged. With Morweb’s Social Media modules, you can showcase your social media activity through a live feed, as well as help drive more people to your social media accounts by linking to them in your navigation menu.

Blog Manager

Blogging is a great way to keep your site updated with a fresh stream of content. With Morweb’s powerful blogging engine, you can easily create posts with your text, images, videos, and more. Schedule publish dates, manage categories, and easily share your posts on social media.

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