Case Study: Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District - Achieving excellence by nurturing a love of learning!

A district where all students are welcomed, valued, engaged and excited about learning. Students graduate with excellence in critical thinking, a love of learning and are prepared to move successfully in the world and life. Every staff member, working as a team, helps to create a community of continuous learning, equity and opportunity for all.

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From Dated Designs to Dynamic Digital Platforms

The CRPUSD school's website previously suffered from an outdated design, cluttered navigation, excessive content, and a CMS that was both technically problematic and limited in its editing features. Morweb introduced a modern design for all 12 schools and equipped the staff with a user-friendly platform, ensuring seamless updates to keep students and parents informed regularly.

A screetshot of CRPUSD's old site
A screetshot of CRPUSD's new site

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